Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sewing on a Saturday with Marmalade

We have had a crazy, fun, busy day at our house! And sometimes, that's exactly how we like it. (Other days...not so during the work/school week.) But today we enjoyed getting to do some fun, out-of-the-ordinary, activities.

We started out our day with a special breakfast treat... ...Pumpkin Pancakes.

 I made this recipe (minus the whipped cream...which probably would have been delicious!)

After breakfast we headed out to the theater where we caught the 10 AM matinee of

I gotta say, it was pretty cute.  Mary's favorite line was, "Dad, I'm not 83 anymore.  I'm 118 and I want to experience the world for myself."  She thought that was quite amusing!  (I find cognitive development fascinating...I love that she "gets" that it's in reference to aging...that for humans it would be 13 versus turning 18.)

After the movie, we headed to one of my favorite quilt shops, Quilting Bits & Pieces.  Mary finally decided on a fabric line for her bedroom makeover.  We've been holding off on painting the room until we decided on a fabric color(s).  She chose a line that I am loving right now...

If you aren't familiar with Camille Roskelly (of Bonnie and Camille Fabrics for Moda Fabrics) you should check out Camille's blog, Simplify.  I love her decorating style...her fabric design...her life...JUST KIDDING!

Here's what I purchased this afternoon; it's just waiting to be pieced together!

Ironically, I have been eyeing this fabric line for several months.  I did not persuade Mary to choose these colors at all. She chose this all on her own.  My girl has a love affair with her mama!

Finally, we wrapped up our afternoon with a quick tour of  the Johnson County 4H Project Fair at the K-State (that's KANSAS STATE...not KU! for you non-Midwesterners) extension offices.  It was so much fun and several of the exhibitors allowed me to photograph them with their projects (Mary and Ben are the newest members of Johnson County's 4H program...future post to come!).

This young man was so personable!  He introduced himself to me immediately and then struck up a conversation with my two older kiddos asking them about their 4H experiences (they have none!) and encouraging them to explore the Project Fair.  We then asked about his Metals and Leathers projects...he welded "Junior" who is actually part of a larger display (where he works with farm tools with his "father") and he sewed the gun holster/knife sheath by HAND!

These young ladies were also a delight to talk to.  The quilter has been practicing her art for 8 years and stared when she was age 7.  The rabbit handler was so sweet and great at encouraging Luke to pet the bunny.  Funny thing...she really couldn't be that much older than Mary...maybe 2 or 3 years.  It is interesting to see how an organization like 4H helps to develop leadership skills in young people.

After the Project Fair we made it home in time to enjoy a gorgeous evening sunset...and some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  (Just keepin' it real!)

Hope you had a delightful Saturday as well...whether it was spent in quiet solitude or crazy business.  Definitely looking forward to a peaceful Sunday.




  1. I have alot of friends that were involved in 4H when we were growing up and they loved it. One of my friends is still involved today with her daughter!
    I"m sure the kids will have a great time.

    Can't wait to see Mary's room.

    Enjoy today.

    M :)

  2. Our Jr.High just started a 4H program this year. Becca is participating in it. She loves it!

    I love Camille Roskelly's fabric and blog. She does have a talent for creating amazing quilts.

    I took my girls out looking at fabric for some up coming projects. It is really hard to pick something out. When there is so many amazing fabrics to choose from.

    Those pumpkin pancakes sound really yummy. Can't wait to make some for my children.

  3. Hi Melinda! Yes, we are so very excited about 4H. I was never involved with the organization, but it seems like the perfect fit for our family. Mary's quilt is piecing together to finalize a paint color!

  4. Jenny're right...we really are soul sisters! I'm so glad to hear that Becca is enjoying 4H. That is great that her junior high chartered a group. Our town 4H club are called the "Pioneers". Perfect living in Kansas...I'd think living in Utah too!


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