Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hoarding Versus Blessing

For some time now, my husband, children and I have been contemplating a move to the country.  Someplace close enough to the city for my husband to have an easy commute, but allowing us to have acreage (and chickens!) and allow our children to roam, explore, and commune with nature God!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon one's outlook) the real estate market continues to be stagnant in our geographical area and walking away from this beautiful home would not be prudent.  (Chickens, coops, and acreage must least for a couple of more seasons!)

Our beautiful home that we built in 2002.  We celebrated 10 years in our home this past May.

 In the meantime, we do have our realtor (who sold our Platte County home) locating and finding listed acreage for just never knows when the "right" property might become available.  This also gives me time to work on this...

This, my friends, is utter chaos...disorganization...and hoarding!  It is Rubbermaid tubs full of unused baby is piles of infant and toddler is saved "keepsakes" that certainly can't be that precious if they are not scrapbooked and/or archived.

Interestingly, as I have begun to get rid of my excess "body clutter", I have begun to get rid of excess "things" in our lives...puzzles with missing past it's expiration supplies half used and toxic, etc.

And as I have become more confident and happy with the person I currently the state of life that I am living...I am letting go and blessing others with my "clutter"!

"He who monopolizes grain, the people curse-
but blessings upon the head of him who distributes it!"
(Proverbs 11:26)

 I have begun to tackle the basement with a vengeance.  (Believe it or not, organization has always been my gift!)  I *heart* Rubbermaid totes!!!

Two hours could not see floor space or walk to those back shelves!

I still have lots of work ahead of me, but I have been steadily making progress!  Unfortunately, over the years (and due to some lack of diligent supervision on my part!) my sweet daughter has made her way into my teacher tubs.  They are now mixed in with  But things are definitely looking up!  We can see floor space...and tubs are sorted and appropriately labeled.

And do I not have the best hubby and neighbor?  They built those incredible storage shelves for me this past spring/summer.  Plenty of workspace to organize!

Looking forward to when I can call this project done!  Even if we never finish the basement...or will be wonderful to have this space clean and organized.



  1. Your header is beautiful BTW! And I LOVE your house...can I move there?

    My husband and I are in a attached medium size house in the city. Would love to downsize and rent someday in order to enjoy life a bit more and not worry about fixing the house every weekend LOL! Amongst nature sounds good to me!

  2. Thank you, Theresa. Actually, if I could just pick up my entire home and move it to the country that would be ideal! I love our is plenty of space for us (even with the kids have to share a hall bath...and the boys sharing a's good for them!) and just needs a few things updated. I just hate being on top of neighbors!!! We live on 1 acre...and the subdivision that went in behind us has 1/3 acre lots...yes, I have THREE homes across my backyard. ugh! (To be fair, they are lovely homes...I just miss the farm field that used to be my back door view!)

    Thanks to for the header compliment...I feel like I need to change it up for Fall...but this one so speaks to me!

  3. We had to clean things up for the business, no basements in Houston - I miss them so much. So we did lots of purging. Hard to do but often very exciting at the same time. It is looking good.

  4. Thanks, Neen! I think it must be a blessing in disguise not NOT to have a basement! ;)

  5. Oh, Valerie! You have a BEAUTIFUL house. I love the porch and the porch swing. I am with Neen. No basements down here. We had to REALLY purge when we moved here. But you know what? You find it is only stuff and you just don't need it. Have may find some hidden treasure!

  6. I agree, 100% Patty! I think that the more space you have the more clutter you keep! That's why, even though we are looking at property, we have been looking at "downsizing" house-wise. Of course, we'll keep the in Tornado Alley it's a necessity...but we don't need 4 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, etc. (We built a 3 bedroom home with 2.5 baths.) I love that my boys share a bedroom and all 3 the bath...just like when I was growing up!

  7. Organized is good!I don't know why we (everyone) has such a hard time letting go of things.
    Maybe because we work so hard to
    get them.

    M :)

  8. Hmmm...Melinda...don't know either...good thought though! Perhaps we attach to much value to the actual object instead of the memory? We're afraid if we let it go we won't be able to hold onto that time in our life? Funny thing is...we never lose those memories (even with Alzheimers)...they're always in our heart.

  9. what a beautiful house!! I'm sure it's a cozy home inside!! I do love seeing your cluttered basement, Val, because misery loves company ! you are making major headway!! excellent progresss.

  10. Ahhhh, thank you, Gardenia! Sometimes, when we trapse around the internet we see all those homes...espeically if you Pinterest, and think...I must be an utter failure...or at least the perfect candidate for TLC's "Hoarders"! LOL

    And, yes, I have continued to make MAJOR headway! It's cathartic!


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