Monday, September 24, 2012

Catholic Woman's Almanac {CWA} (Week 1)

Moments of Gratitude

  • Safe travels to Wisconsin this past weekend.
  • Spending time with extended family in celebration.
  • Being able to honor this little lady's 90 YEARS! (My husband's grandmother)

  • Pumpkins, mums, crisp mornings.
  • Slow days...slow (crockpot) meals.
  • The gift of being a stay-at-home mom (I've worked outside the home too...thus, I'm ever grateful!)
  • And, last but not least, grateful to Jenny at Suscipio for recently discovering my blog and encouraging my walk in Catholicism and parenting.

Beauty in the Ordinary

  • The view of  the upper Mississippi River Valley...where the Wisconsin River enters into the Mississippi.   God's brush strokes are magnificent!


  • This week, I am going to begin to set aside 10 minutes each day to spend in total silence.  In this day and age of constant noise, it is more important than ever to just "be".   This can be scary...what will I hear if I truly listen to God?
 "...Unless you withdraw from all the noise of your life and the world for a  few minutes each day, you will most likely just become another cog in the global economic wheel, consuming and being consumed.

Our world has been filled with noise, and as a result, we can no longer hear the voice of God in our lives.  It is time to enter into the classroom of silence."    (Rediscover Catholicism, Kelly, Matthew, pg. 179.)


Good Fences Make Good Marriages

"It is the job of every couple to determine for themselves how much time and energy they can give to important others without violating the primacy of their marriage."  (The Exceptional Seven Percent, Popcak, Gregory, pg. 73.)


The Exceptional Seven Percent 

Rediscover Catholicism

Linking up today with Jenny over at Suscipio.



  1. Great almanac. I think you will be so blessed setting aside that 10 minutes for silence.

    We are working on making our marriage a gets put on the back burner way too often.

    Have a blessed week and enjoy this weather!

  2. Yes, what IF we were to all actually HEAR God in a moment of silence?

    Marvelous CWA!

  3. what a beautiful lady your husband's grandmother is! oh I'll have to check out the Catholic Almanac at Susipio. You have a great one today. i love your section on pondering. thanks for that reminder. and I just saw the matthew Kelly book Rediscover Catholicism elsewhere today. maybe i should pick it up and read it!! tell me how you like it please. yes, isn't wisconsin beautiful !!

  4. Oh-- the prayer of quiet...What a gift to have those precious uninterrupted minutes with the Lord...

    Blessings to you as a stay at home one who was too, I thank Him every day for that joy. +

  5. Sometimes I forget that I need to turn off everything so I can hear God answering my prayers.

    I took a 25 min this evening and enjoyed the quiet of my car as my children ran around a park near our home. It was a blessing to find it empty. I could see them playing and still sit and ponder.

    I am praying for away to be back at home instead of working.

    Your husband Grandmother is a lovely lady.


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