Saturday, September 8, 2012

Journey to a Healthier Me: Picture Update (Sept. 2012)

Latest pictures (taken today) of me on my weight loss journey.
Getting ready to head out on a "date night" with my hubby!

Down 43 lbs. and recently started running.  
I feel like this has really helped with toning...and it's a "sport" that I actually like to do.

Here's where I started....

Still have a ways to go...but not nearly as far as when I started.


  1. Look at you go! Beautiful and fabulous. Hooray for progress! I actually enjoy running too (amazing for someone like me who was always picked near the last for races/sports in school ;)). Need to get back at it.. I feel lazy when I walk! Congrats on your progress. You inspire me! -Tammy

  2. Hi Valerie!
    Long time no blog (from me that is...) I just have been out of the swing of things and thought I'd go visit some of my favorite people and can't believe how INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL YOU LOOK! I had not idea, since I haven't been blogging, about your weight loss journey and can't believe the transformation you have accomplished! YOU LOOK FANSTASTIC!!! I'm going to have to read all the good information you have provided and become your partner-in-crime on this weight loss journey! I have stuggled with my weight and have been on numerous programs and need to get my act together. You are a true INSPIRATION!

    Nancy :)

  3. Congratulations!! You look amazing!!

  4. Congratulations Skinny Minnie!!You look AMAZING!


  5. WOW! You look amazing, girl! I am so proud of you!!!

  6. you are lovely!! Valerie, you are really sticking to it, and the results are so clear. how wonderful you must feel about yourself. wow. excellent, bravo, go girl.

  7. I add my WOW to all the others! Fantastic... congratulations!!!

  8. So great to have found you again Valerie through Suscipio. You are beautiful!

    Have a blessed weekend.

  9. Love the updates, congratulations on your hard work and changes, you look like you feel great!!!


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