Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soccer Diva

IMG_2776 In an effort not to project my own insecurities upon my daughter, I signed Mary up to play soccer through our local parks and rec department.  (Did I mention that I only played soccer for two years…that I was terrible at it…and that I broke my wrist on the eve of my 13th birthday at soccer practice?  Needless to say, I’m really not a fan.)

BUT, like I said, trying hard not to project here…

Soccer started the first week of March.  Three words…

Cold. And.Wet. 


The upside?  Participating in a new activity meant shopping for new athletic wear.  No longer are we just a leotard and ballet slipper family.  We’ve now added shin guards and PINK cleats to our wardrobe!


Let me tell you, watching PreK/Kindergartners play soccer is a bit like watching HERD ball…not a lot of structure to the game at this age!  And honestly, Mary was CLUELESS out there…it was a bit painful to watch!  LOL


I think right about now, Mary was complaining about how cold it was!


Practicing being goalie.  “What do you mean I can touch the ball?  You told me NOT to touch the ball!”  And see this little gal in red…born with soccer in her DNA.  Seriously.


Upon returning home, our little soccer diva was a bit disturbed by how “dirty” her cleats had gotten…oh sweetie….you have no idea what’s in store for y0u when it comes to dirt!  We’ve got the rest of March and all of April to get through!


After soccer practice, we went to watch cousin Ashley compete in a volleyball tournament. 


Ashley was recently recruited to play on a national select volleyball team.  What does that mean…besides my sister-in-law shelling out more money?  Ashley will now be competing in tourneys in both Indianapolis and Denver.  Congratulations Ashley!

Yup, she really is 6 foot tall at the age of 15!  It’s the Danish in her!  ;)



  1. Want to feel better?

    I played soccer for one day. ONE DAY. My mom put me on an all boys team and after the first practice and must-have pair of new cleats, I was DONE. :)

  2. Oh that was sooooooo sweet! Im still giggling!

  3. Oh my gosh, your daughter is me when I was her age. HAHAA. This post cracks me up because I am and always have been a major girly girl. Gymnastics and dance were my thing. Then I decide I want to play soccer like my brothers. I made it through 2 seasons and just like Mary, I hated the cold, the dirt, the running. Pretty much anything outdoorsy athletic like of any kind =)
    I hope she likes it though and maybe she will get used to it. She looks adorable in all her gear...

    Congrats to your niece also.

  4. I am also a soccer convert... I never played to sport, and always hated watching the sport, but my daughter LOVES it. I've grown to love watching her play, although I still don't know all the rules! Soccer for K5 age is the best though! HERD ball is the absolute truth - we called it "Bee" ball (they were like a swarm of bees)!

    Enjoy the rest of the soccer season!

  5. Mary is a gal after my own heart--I too would want pink cleats.
    Not much on the dirt either.
    She'll get the hang of the soccer
    stuff. Either that or she'll let you know she wants out.
    Your niece is QUITE tall but I bet that helps with the volleyball.
    The two together are adorable!

    Love you countdown tag.


  6. My 5 (6 next week) year old sister played soccer for the first time the past season and oh my goodness.She was much the same. At one point, she was down at one end of the field alone playing in dirt while the game went on at the other end of the field. It was so funny and cute!

    You little girl is so cute in her cleats ! :)

  7. I hope she sticks with the soccer and comes to enjoy it. I was never much for sports either but always admired those that loved it. I think playing on a team can teach kids great things. However I do sympathies with her, cold and wet and dirty...yech!
    Congratulations to your niece, she's talented AND beautiful!

  8. She looked pretty darn cute as a goalie though. LOL And man is your niece tall!!!!

  9. Wow. I'm going to have to watch for your niece AND your daughter on the pro-circuit.

    Our middle Grand play soccer.

    The looks of confusion on their little faces is priceless.


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