Friday, March 26, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things…

This morning, I’m joining Lucy over at Mystical Rose Design for her “Kids Say the Darndest Things Fridays” post.  Click on the link or the button on my sidebar if you would like to join in or just get a chuckle from some of the other cuteness that our little ones share with us each and every day.


This beautiful little wooden cross is part of my son’s infant/toddler Rosary given to him by his godparents on the day of his Baptism.  As always, it has hung on his dresser mirror as a symbol of our faith.


Recently, Benjamin (age 3) asked if he could see his Rosary.  I obliged and explained, simplistically as one can, the meaning behind the Rosary, the beads, the prayers, etc.  (Did I mention that big sister, Mary, age 5, tagged along for this conversation?)


As I stepped out of the room to answer the phone, it was then that I heard a high-pitched squeal with all the drama that a 5-year old could muster….

“No, Benjamin!  Rosaries are for prayering not wearing.”

Seems that I’ve taught my first-born well!  HA!!!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


  1. :-) I´m not a catholic but I understood that anyway :-)
    Have a great day now!

  2. lovely ! don't you love it when you hear something like this -- and you can say to yourself, they are getting it!! what a blessing. Nice to meet you. this is a great idea Mystical rose has. I played this week by linking to my post from this past wednesday, but hope to post a separate post next friday.

  3. Too funny! Kate always used to wear her Rosaries, and Kailey would be the one to yell at her "You are not supposed to wear a rosary"! To Kate is was just a necklace, but of course my very religious child was appalled when Kate would wear something that was so sacred!

  4. I like how she says "prayering"! :)

    Thanks for joining in--come back again!

    In Christ,

    Oh--and it was my mistake on the McKlinky code this week. I'll set it up so you can post the links next time. ;)

  5. I was laughing so hard that Ken asked me what I was laughing at.
    I read your post to him and he got a kick out of too!


  6. Valerie...that's adorable!!!
    I was so happy to hear that you and I both have Mary's in your comment on my blog today...and now, guess what?!? I ALSO have a BENJAMIN who is 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems we are kindred spirits in the "naming" department! BTW, you have a BEAUTIFUL smile and a JOY that emanates from both your photo and your writing! God bless your sweet family! And Happy Prayering!

  7. Not only does she have the right idea, it's downright catchy! (Heck, I might just use that line!)

    Great story, thanks for sharing it!

  8. She will keep her brother and the next one in line. God is so good to give a family a girl first, they can help so much. She is sharing her faith already! Good job, mom and dad!

  9. very cute! The conversations between little ones when they don't know you're listening can be VERY illuminating! I hope your weekend is going well and I'm off to read your posts I have missed1

  10. So cute :) I just love reading the cute things that my bloggy friends say :)

  11. What an adorable post. Thank you.


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