Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow Much Fun

To usher in the first day of Spring, Father Winter threw a major temper tantrum!  Our winter storm began last Friday night and didn’t let up until early Sunday morning…officially the 2nd day of Spring.  We got approximately 8 inches where I live.

So, to make the most of this frosty situation, the little ones and I celebrated the arrival of Spring with snowball fights, snowman building and snow-angel making!

Here we are dressed in our favorite REINDEER sweater on the first day of spring!


Here’s Mary posing with her BRAND NEW mittens that I purchased in November and that we only recently found in March!  We just used a pair from last season as I didn’t want to buy a 2nd pair.  Notice the little touch of MARCH…peacock feather hair bow!


Until this latest snowstorm…we had been enjoying mild temperatures and some rain…making for a messy backyard.  Little man does not like to get dirty and so he had been insisting on wearing snow boots until I bought him some new rain boots.  This is what they looked like for this freak springtime snowstorm!


View of our home from street level.


My own two snow angels…




Snowball fight in action…Ben just got big sister and is sneaking away!


Mary’s attempt at snowman building as the snow was melting quicker than she could roll…it is Springtime for goodness sakes!


Clearly, it’s time for someone to take a nap…not that this little one naps anymore!  In addition to a winter storm over Mary Catherine’s Spring Break from school, both of my kiddos came down with cold/flu like symptoms…yuck!



  1. I LOVE your blog Valerie. It is so much fun to read. Your children are beautiful btw :-).

  2. Over here the snow is finally melting away and fast too. But up here in the north we still can get heavy snowfalls in late April. But it looks as if You all were enjoying it anyway :-)
    Have a great day now!

  3. Yay you're back! Blogland has missed you! :)

  4. Your kiddos are beautiful. I miss the snow. That is coming from someone in Houston that doesn't ever get enough to cover the ground. It is a bite on the first day of spring though. I hope you and family will all feel better soon and get to enjoy the warmer weather coming your way!

  5. Hey!!! Its been a while. It looks like your family is doing good. The kids are adorable as always and your picture of your house in the snow is like out of a movie. Gorgeous!

  6. Hi--
    Glad to see you again. Both here and at Dreaming.
    Boy, the kids are growing. Looks like they enjoyed the snow. Sorry to hear that they were sick-glad they are feeling better now.
    Sounds like you are doing well also
    along with baby.
    Nobody need furnace problems especially when it decides to snow again.
    We went back to school yesterday--it was a work day foe staff and
    today I'm home with stomach issues from lunch out yesterday.
    Keep in touch!



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