Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Update/21-Week Ultrasound

Today we had our follow-up ultrasound with the perinatologist.  This was a fact-finding mission of sorts.  Not just a search for soft-tissue markers for Down Syndrome, but a gender revelation as well!  Sorry that I can’t share the big news just yet, but we need to share with some special grandmas before going public!

That being said, Baby Kueter looked great.  The specialist looked at baby’s brain, stomach, spine, and long bones, paying special attention to the heart (as my sister had a baby with a congenital heart defect).  Not only were all 4-chambers present, but there was no canal defect (common among babies with Down Syndrome and my nephew’s diagnosis).  And although baby was in the breech position s/he flipped several times just during the ultrasound!

While, the doctor wouldn’t change my odds considerably, he did lower my risk for this little one having Down Syndrome a bit.  Apparently close to 50% of babies with Down Syndrome do not have soft-tissue markers that appear on ultrasound so I think that he is erring on the side of caution.  That being said, I really have come to feel a certain sense of peace about the whole situation.

This lovely gal, Kelle, has really helped me out…whether she even knows it or not.  If you haven’t discovered her blog, Enjoying the Small Things, then you must check it out.  Kelle was surprised with the gift of a baby daughter with Down Syndrome in January of this year.  Her blog is honest, raw,  and full of emotion as well as beautiful with pictures of both of her daughters and the “small things” that bring them pleasure each day.  Her blog is pure eye candy!

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers…I know they must be working because I felt such a sense of calm and peace when I walked into that appointment with my family this morning.  We are halfway to accepting whatever gift God has chosen to grace us with and we can’t wait until delivery day!!!


  1. I'm excited to hear what your having when you do tell us!!!

    I'm glad the appointment went well and will keep the baby in my prayers for good health. I know any chance that anything could be wrong could be terrifying.

  2. I can't wait to find out what you're having! Do you have any names picked out?

    I'm glad the appointment went well. I'll be praying for your continued peace and a healthy baby.

  3. Congratulations! I'm sooo happy to hear all of this.
    I'm glad that you are feeling better about your pregnancy.
    How are Mary and Ben doing with all of this excitement?

    Prayers continue to come your way!


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  5. I am so so so excited for you! It makes me remember so vividly the ultrasounds for me from just a couple of years ago. You have definitely been blessed by the Lord with this baby. :)

  6. I´m glad to hear the heart is ok!

  7. I'm happy that the appointment went well. I'm also glad that you feel a sense of peace about it all. I know that you'll be okay :).

    I can't wait to find out if there's a baby boy or girl in there!

  8. What great news! Every baby is a gift, a special blessing. We'll keep praying! Congrats on beautiful # 3!

  9. how wonderful that you are having another lilttle blessing from our Lord. I will pray for your family ! and yes I've been reading Kelle -- isn't it remarkable,

  10. I'm glad to hear everything went well and that God has been working on your heart about your future as a family of 5! :)

  11. I'm glad to hear your appt went well! Whatever happens, you know that God has a plan!

  12. I'm glad your worries are calm for the moment. It sounds like you are finding acceptance and joy in the matter what it is.

  13. I'm glad your worries are calm for the moment. It sounds like you are finding acceptance and joy in the matter what it is.

  14. I am glad you found Kelle's blog. She is the youngest daughter of one of my best friends. When Nella was born I said right away that Kelle would end up on Oprah's show. Now we all know that her message is all over the place and helping parents face - and accept - issues with their children.
    The world is - afterall - small.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  15. Good news all around! Can't wait to hear boy or girl.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the C-story encouraged you! I'm glad your mother is coming to stay after Baby gets here. The hardest part of recovery from this Cesarean was making myself sit still and only take care of myself and the baby. This meant I had to let my poor exhausted husband--who never ever complained--do the rest. His hard work was rewarded when I was able to ease back into normal activities after just six weeks.

    I've found that my anxiety about a repeat C was relieved upon finding other women here and there who had the same experience or at least the same plans as I had. My anxiety was greatest at about where you are--six or seven months--and decreased until the last two weeks when I would have done anything to get her out! ;)

    I'll offer my prayers for a safe rest-of-pregnancy and a good, healthy delivery and recovery!

    Congratulations on your newest child!

  17. Hi Val-

    I'm glad your ultrasound went well! I look forward to hearing the big gender announcement!

    I hope your Spring is going well. Blessings to you and Chris-


    p.s., Congratulations to your nephew on his first communion. The church sure looks beautiful- what a pretty steeple!


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