Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disney on Ice…Now and Then

Besides nursing head colds, beginning and finishing a painting project on the first floor of our home, and shoveling from a freak springtime snowstorm, we managed to fit in a bit of recreational fun during our week of Spring Break.

The little ones and I attended Disney on Ice with some good friends.  Unfortunately, little man was not feeling 100% the night of the performance, but as he had his heart set on attending, I could not disappoint.  So, I did what any other respectable mother would do…I Tylenol-ed and Motrin-ed him throughout the day and forced a nap upon him…not hard to to do when one is running a slight fever.

The girls (Mary and her friend) planned accordingly, and showed up to the new SPRINT Center in downtown Kansas City wearing their princess finest. Both Cinderella and Ariel accompanied us to the show!  We arrived early enough to catch the “pre-show” and got to see appearances by Cinderella and Tatiana (the newest of the Disney Princesses) as well as several of the classic princess dresses on display.

Here Mary is posing in front of the Princess and the Frog vignette.


Mary in front of “Belle’s” dress from Beauty and the Beast.


Here’s a picture of Mary and her friend in front of The Little Mermaid display.  Mary was very concerned that Cinderella had long brown hair and Ariel had short blonde hair…”NOT the way it is in the movies, Mom!”


Ariel’s dress…


Always a crowd favorite…Snow White…a classic princess! (Please excuse the odd head position of my lovely daughter…she’s got this thing about “posing” for the camera lately!)


Here are some shots of Tatiana and Cinderella.



And finally, a few shots from the actual performance…Mary…modeling a box of raisins…?!!!


Ben’s favorite character from the movie, CARS, Mater.


Mary LOVES The Little Mermaid…here’s Sebastian.


Mary, modeling her TEN DOLLAR bag of cotton candy hat…and yes, I had to spend $20 so that Benjamin could have a hat too…sheesh!


A rare smile during the performance.  :(


The program included performances from CARS, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Tinkerbelle which both of my kids thoroughly enjoyed.  The grand finale included the cast from Mickey Mouse and lots of confetti raining down.  All in all, the kids had a great time and it was worth the cost of tickets, cotton candy, and parking!

And check out this cutie…age 2 1/2 the last time she saw Disney on Ice, Princesses theme, with my mom and me!  I could just gobble her up like that seat is about to do!  I sure do miss those chubby cheeks and baby soft curls!

Disney Princesses on Ice and Monster Truck 001

Disney Princesses on Ice and Monster Truck 008

Disney Princesses on Ice and Monster Truck 010


  1. Oh soo cute!
    Love the posed shots--she is adorable. Ben's hat is great!
    How cute was Mary at 2 1/2!
    Looks like everyone had fun.


  2. I love how you get into the themes so much. I have learned with my kiddos that we retain an learn so much when we all "get into it". As you know anything can include a teaching moment if you know how to look for it. You have that teaching flair. Letting the kiddos dress up to go to the show makes them remember it so much more. I love it. We add that same spirit to our history and our science studies and you would be amazed at how much they retain that way.

    Your kiddos are beautiful and to answer your question about our Bagel being left handed, I must say that we saw signs from the start. She would grab even at juice with her left hand first but then she would also use her right. She confused us. Now watchig her try to write I can see that I need to teach her a little differently than the others. She is so smart that I suspect that even if I teach her all wrong, she will figure it out. She is just like that.

    Glad you are back to blogging again. We will have you for a few months until new baby. Praying hard, my friend for this wonderful little gift.

  3. They're in San Antonio right now! I wish I could take my nieces! So fun!!!

  4. That is so funny that she was so concerned about the princesses hair being different colors than in the movies. That sounds like something that I would have been concerned about when I was young! LOL And she is so so cute in all of the Now and Then shots. And Ben looks great in his Cars hat. What fun memories you have made!

  5. Oh what fun! I think my girls would love going to something like that some day.


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