Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caution…Nesting in Progress!

It’s official…I hit the halfway mark with Baby #3 last week…20-weeks!  All seems to be going well, but we will know more next Monday when we have our “BIG” ultrasound!  (We will be finding out the gender, but keeping it a surprise until we can share with immediate family in person.)

So, that being said, I have been itching to “fix” up the house.  This isn’t just because I’m pregnant…truly it’s because I turned 40 and started to have a “mini” mid-life crisis!  HA!  I decided last summer that I hated everything about the interior of my home…my colors, my decorating style, my furniture…you get the picture! But, being both practical and frugal (a stay-at-home mom) I knew that an interior design redo the size of “Home Makeover” was never going to happen.

But, a can (or two) of paint can do wonders to update an interior.  So with out further ado, I share with you my freshly painted kitchen/family room.

(The color on the left is “Caspian Tide” and the color on the right is “Gentle Sky”.  I went with “Gentle Sky” as the “Caspian Tide” was a bit too purple for my taste.)


When we built the house, eight years ago, I chose that dark blue wall color.  I loved the color, but it just never seemed to flow well with the rest of the room…sort of made the room feel chopped up and small.



Painting in progress…



I still have some redecorating to do…I need to get slip covers for my couch and denim chair, window treatments, some new area rugs, and either a mirror, iron work, or piece of art for over the fire place, but already, I feel like the house is lighter and brighter…just in time for the arrival of a new baby!

(I bought more than enough paint, and so I asked our painter to add the center hallway to the task…I love how it turned out!)






Next on the list…the nursery/shared bedroom.  We only built a 3-bedroom house, so somebody is sharing a bedroom…and it’s not going to be mommy and daddy.  HA!  Matt, our painter, has already seen the nursery room and is just waiting for the “go-ahead”.   We just need to figure out it it’s going to be a little GIRLS’ room or a little BOYS’ room!


  1. I love the blue, So pretty and open and welcoming. Great choice.

  2. I love the color!! I agree, very warm and welcoming. Reminds me of a sunny spring day where I open the windows and feel refreshed!

  3. That was a really nice blue color! I have to do something about my home too this year. I have to paint both outside and inside this year. Having three bg dogs has a tendency to make the walls inside a bit sad :-)

    I´m glad to read that You´re doing ok too!
    Have a great day now!

  4. I think it looks beautiful! Very fresh and light and airy. I am so happy you and the baby are healthy and heading for your 21st week! I am sure you are so excited to discover which room the baby will be going into as well! Perhaps the little ones are not so excited?! Sharing a room can be hard work on a kid.

    I loved the pictures from the snowstorm too, I am sure you are hoping it's the last of the season, We barely had a flutter here this winter, I was so disappointed. I had to live vicariously through my geographically unchallenged blogger friends. Have a great week and thanks for sharing the baby update!

  5. Sorry, I'm behind.
    Great transformation.
    Looking forward to seeing the "shared room."


  6. Look at you go! It all looks just beautiful!!


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