Friday, September 25, 2009

Sparking Creativity

So after all of the drama from last Friday’s neighborhood accident, I thought ya’ll might appreciate a bit of serenity along with a few pics of my favorite artist-in-residence:IMG_0440






Last Saturday was the Hidden Glen Arts Festival at beautiful Cedar Creek (development) in Olathe, Kansas.  The weather was fantastic and the art AMAZING! 


IMG_0398 Mary was beside herself with excitement when she saw what we got to ride on from the parking area to the festival grounds!

IMG_0399 This was the view that greeted us upon exiting the trolley.


Yup, that’s someone’s multi-million dollar home nestled up in those hills!






Mary, enjoying bubble-blowing in the children’s art tent.




Look at that smile!




Who needs gyros or wood-fired pizza when they’ve got corndogs?!!!



We enjoyed listening to the sweet sounds of the big band era from the Olathe Community Jazz Band!





  1. What a great day You´ve had and what a wonderful place! But I would never want to have such a big house like that, to much kleaning I´m afraid :-)
    Have a great day!

  2. Looks like you had fun. That corndog looks yummy!!

    Glad to see you got your signature figured out.

  3. What a pretty place! It looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. Christer,

    I agree 100%! I think Americans (not all, but many) have bought into the bigger is better philosophy and are now paying for it. Bigger usually means larger payments as well and in this economy, who needs that?!!!

    It amazes me when folks (like my former next door neighbors) purchase $60,0000 cars(American dollars). For what...status? The thing depreciated the moment they drove it off the lot, plus the insurance, the personal property tax, the maintenance...YUCK!

    While we did upsize from our 1600 sq.ft. home 8 years ago, I still only have a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house. No, each kiddo does not have their own bathroom, but guess what...momma has that fewer bathrooms to clean! Plus, sharing never killed anyone! Ha!!!

  5. Hi Erin.

    Sorry I had to call and bug you about the signature thing.

    I just couldn't figure it out from the live signature website (their directions were a bit misleading) and I actually figured it out from Blogger's own help tutorials.

    Thanks for calling back and checking in on me! LOL

  6. Morgan,

    In all the years I've lived out here I had never gone to the Hidden Glen Arts Festival (I guess I thought it might be too high falutin' LOL), but Mary and I had such a great time and I definitely saw folks from all walks of life!

  7. Hi Valerie--

    Looks like a fun time. I've always wondered what the Hidden Glen Fest
    was. Very pretty area. I bet Mary
    was excited with the Trolley-I
    would be and I'm an adult!

    Maybe Ken and I need to check that out next year.

    We need to plan something for you,
    Nancy and I.

    Have a super weekend!


  8. Hi Melinda.

    I think Ken and you (and I know Nancy and you) would have really enjoyed the art fair.

    The venue was small (compared to the Brookside/Westport/Plaza art fairs), but was so much more personal!!! The food smelled delicious and I loved that Nick and Jake's was there, set-up, selling Mango Martinis...what a hoot!

    I agree, we definitely need to plan a get-together. I just need enough heads-up so that I can schedule a sitter if Daddy is on duty or scheduel it for his off-duty day!

  9. I don't know HOW I've missed all the action going on in your neighborhood!
    At least it's not boring. I also know what you mean about wanting to go for a more simple look. Too many choices! That corn doggie looks very yummy too!

  10. Hi Sares.

    Yes, lots of activity out here in DeSoto! LOL

    And yes, the corndog pic b/c with all of the incredibly delicious food choices at the art fair, she went for the corndog!!!

    Hoping is all is well. I'll be by for a visit; I've been very absent from blogging this summer, but have since made my return!


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