Monday, September 28, 2009

Lollipop, lollipop…


This week at i heart faces, the photo challenge theme is BLUE.  The minute I saw this I knew I had a great photograph to share.

In late Spring, I took my little ones to Ernie Miller Nature Center for a Fun Friday Fieldtrip.  As a treat with their sack lunch, I allowed each kiddo to choose a drink and lollipop at the convenience store.  Why do children naturally gravitate to Blue Raspberry?!!!

Ernie Miller Nature Park 037

The caption for this photo should be  No, I am not cyanotic! OR Feeling Blue in the Jog Stroller.

For other BLUE moods or to enter your own photograph, check out i heart faces.


  1. Children all over the world are the same, even here is South Africa... so funny! And such a cute picture!!

  2. A better picture for that theme is hard to find :-) :-)

    The Ringling bros must be the most famous cirkus in the world! I remember they used to show them on swedish tv quite often when I was younger. It must have been a teriffic day for You all!
    Have a great day now!

  3. Valerie--
    I'm not sure what the "blue attraction" is where kids are concerned but they love it!

    Thanks for putting me in "your neighborhood." That's great!!!!


  4. Hey Val~

    thanks so much for your comments on B&W Sunday.......and coming over here and seeing all your hugs with your kids - well - there's no chance you are doing wrong!

    the smiles are evidence.......

  5. Cutie little blue face. It must have been tasty.

  6. Oh man, that blue mouth is too cute!


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