Wednesday, September 23, 2009

People in Your Neighborhood, Part 1

FOOTNOTE: Today I am participating in Wordless Wednesday. To visit other wordless posts, please click here, and definitely come back tomorrow if you are interested in the "narrated" version of this story. I'll give you a involves two little people. (And no, NOT my two!!!)


  1. wow! much ado! LOVED people in your neighborhood...thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Hi iMother2.0,

    I sure hope the trip down memory lane wasn't a scary one!!! This one sure was!

  3. Hmmm.... sounds interesting. You have me intrigued by the 2 little people part!

    You guys have a gorgeous house and neighborhood!!! Awesome weather vein!

  4. Hi Morgan!

    Have you been over? I can't remember if you attended one of our fall get-togethers? It's been a while since we had one!!!

    Tune in tomorrow!

  5. Hello--
    You've got my curiosity piqued.
    I hope this has a happy ending.

    Did you chage things up on your page?

    Good to see you again.


  6. Hi Melinda.

    No, I didn't change things up, but I did add the twitter tweets...remember? You called me crazy! LOL

    Thanks for dropping by and be sure to come back tomorrow for "the rest of the story!"

    Have a great evening!

  7. A series of pictures like these needs no text :-) But I sure do look forward to read what really happened :-)
    Have a great day now!

  8. Thanks, Christer. I did my best to put the photos in sequence to tell the story!!! I'm sure one can figure out what happened.

    Take care,


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