Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer Vacation Days 2 & 3

Day 2 of our trip to Florida found us traveling from Shelbyville, Tennessee to Macon, Georgia.

On our way out of town, we found ourselves outside of Lynchburg, Tennessee, home of the world famous Jack Daniels Distillery.  (We didn’t do the tour of the distillery this year as we did it a year ago; not personally a whiskey sipper, but it was a fascinating tour!)

We stopped in downtown Lynchburg for a little window shopping and perusing of the Jack Daniel’s gift shop.   Of course, Daddy found the Lynchburg Harley Davidson store…I think he planned that!

Inside the Jack Daniel’s gift shop they had the cutest little soda pop dispenser.  For a dime (10 cents) you could purchase a Coke in a tiny little glass soda bottle and keep as a souvenir.  Of course, you need the $.50 bag of popcorn to go with it!!!

Florida Vacation 2009 036 Mommy with Mary, Ben, and our gracious hostess, “Miss Sheila”.  Miss Sheila used to be our next door neighbor here in Kansas City.  After David, her sweet husband passed away, her children moved her back home to Tennessee.  We have kept in touch and visit Miss Sheila every year on our way down South for vacation!

Florida Vacation 2009 041

Florida Vacation 2009 043 I’m certain that the Harley Davidson employees LOVED my son pawing at their high dollar bikes!!! 

Florida Vacation 2009 053 (2) The Lynchburg Harley shop on the square.

 Florida Vacation 2009 056 (2)

The historical County Courthouse was beautiful!

 Florida Vacation 2009 067Florida Vacation 2009 062

Reminds me of that old 70’s commercial… “have a Coke and a….smile!”


Florida Vacation 2009 068 (2)

My kids were absolutely mesmerized by this clever auto repair shop store front.  Ben kept saying, “” Uhhh, something like that!

Florida Vacation 2009 070

As we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Alabama, we stopped for gas in Fort Payne, Alabama.  It is the official home of the boys from Alabama.

We also drove by this…very cool!

statuesinplace Picture from The Alabama Band


Day 3 of our travels took us from Macon, Georgia to Tampa, Florida.

Florida Vacation 2009 081

Our first rest area (The Welcome Center) into Florida.  We still had quite a way to go from the Georgia/Florida state line to Tampa.

Florida Vacation 2009 083

Doesn’t Benjamin make such a pretty girl?!!!

Florida Vacation 2009 086

Florida Vacation 2009 087

One word summed up our arrival into Florida…HOT!


  1. That town is so pretty! What a trip to make! Such beautiful surroundings!
    have a great day now!

  2. Harleys and Jack! Perfect vacation spot :)

  3. I'm in Alabama! We'll have to have lunch if you ever come back through...ya know, like the cool bloggers do, ha! The car in the wall was funny! I wonder if they let their 4 year old drive too??

  4. Christer, there are so many beautiful parts of America...have you ever been to visit over here?

    Our country is truly magnificent in beauty. From the crisp fall colors of New England to the swamps of the deep south; from the arid southwest and Grand Canyon to the fields of golden wheat, corn, etc. of the midwest, it is truly a wonder to behold.

    I always wonder how Europeans and Asian/Pacific Islanders decide where to visit when they come!

    Although it is the same for us when contemplating a trip to Europe...France, Spain, Sweden, ;) England, Germany, many choices and usually such little time!!!

  5. Brian,

    Why am I not surprised that you would find Lynchburg the ideal vacation spot?

    I've often told Julie that we would soooo be BFFs if we lived out in Cali!!!

  6. Shana,

    We vacation in Alabama every year (Gulf Shores); this summer we made an exception b/c we were able to stay with family in Florida and save money on renting a condo...but we missed the Gulf Shores so much we're already saving our pennies to go back next year!

    We should try and hook up like all these other bloggers do!!!

  7. BTW, Shana, good one with regard to letting 4-year olds drive!!!! Ha!

  8. LOL Love the "cute" pix of Benjamin.

    The auto parts store is a crack up


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