Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Tweeting!

I seriously do not need another thing to do on the computer besides blog and I'm tweeting! Lord, help me. Or rather, Lord, help my little ones because their momma is getting sucked into this technology age little by little.

First it was blogging. In fact my one year anniversary is right around the corner! (I'm so excited, maybe I'll give something away...wait, I don't think I have anything that anyone wants! LOL) Then it was facebook. Now twitter.

Like anyone really needs or wants to know my random thoughts, activities, musings, etc. Yet, it's like a bad car accident...if I see tweets posted on someone else's blog I just have to stop and read them.

So, if you see a couple of cute little kids that look like "they ain't got no momma", they're mine. And, they have a momma. Sometimes...when she's not blogging, facebooking, tweeting...


  1. You crazy girl!!!!

    Blogging is enough for me, I don't
    think I could fit anything else in.

    We should have met up at the Spinach Fest. Maybe another time!
    Let's plan on it.


  2. Country Dreaming, we will definitely plan on doing the Spinach Festival next year with Miss Nancy!

    But before then, we must get together!

    Hope you are having a terrific school year with those special kiddos of yours!


  3. thanks : ) I'm on twitter too. I've been working on it for a month or so, but I still don't get it.

  4. Morgan,

    You are one savvy blogger, tweeter, (facebooker?)!!! I am so impressed!

    I hop on over to you Twitter page and it's all PERSONALIZED! You go girl!

    BTW, your blog is adorable. I see that you had someone professionally design it. Had you been using your own blog design in the past?

    The thing I like about tweeting, (all 4 hours that I've been doing it!) is that I can post quickly and get off. Sometimes, when I try to post on facebook, I get sucked into reading everyone elses posts, comments, video clips, etc. and then nothing gets accomplished!

  5. How do You get time enough? I´m having trouble as it is :-) :-)
    Have a great day now!

  6. Christer,

    I ignore my children...just kidding!

    Seriously though, it might be too much although I can tell you that I waste far more time on facebook than twitter! Facebook sucks me in with other peoples' posts, comments on my posts, videos, etc. With twitter, I pretty much place and update and I'm off! You only have 140 characters to type wtih so it must be short and sweet!


  7. I know what You mean with FacBook! That takes too much time from me too, especially sdince I started a farm in FarmVille :-) :-) :-)

  8. I must really suck because I STILL can't get you on Twitter. I even put in you username and Twitter says it can't find you.

  9. Good luck to you there. I still haven't taken the plunge and joined facebook. I prefer a little more anonymity. It can get overwhelming this whole techie business!

  10. I am impressed, I flounder with just blogging! LOL!

    I Loved that you met another firewife and that it turned into a small world experience. Wow! I was blown out of the water to find that out!!!

    Also, your last comment on my blog had me ROTFL. You are a hoot.

    Enjoy your many applications :)

  11. I know all of this techy stuff is addicting. I haven't got hooked on twitter. I have one, but never "tweet". I just don't get it honestly. I love to write too much I guess. That's why I blog:)


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