Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am a Promise

As daylight succumbed to twilight, I sat watching my little ones romp and frolic in the dew-dampened grass of the backyard. We have taken full advantage of the beautiful evenings this week to enjoy the residual heat of the day without suffering from the extreme heat and humidity or the sun's powerful rays. We know that summer is drawing to a close. Next week, school starts!

Today, I took Mary Catherine to Open House at her new preschool. She will be attending a PreK (pre-kindergarten) program for kiddos specifically with summer birthdays that opt to wait an extra year before starting kindergarten. She met her new teachers, picked out her cubby location, and found her backpack hook. She explored the classroom centers and spent time chatting it up with new classmates. Needless to say she is brimming over with enthusiasm!!!

Mom's favorite part of the classroom...the giant poem stenciled on the wall that speaks of the promise and possibility that each child brings to the table of life! Beautiful!

Mary Catherine, you are definitely our great big bundle of potentiality!


  1. So cute she is going to love pre-k.
    Did you get teary eyed at all?
    I would have.

  2. Call me and I'll give you the 411!

  3. I love that quote! It's so true. I'm sure it makes things easier that they are excited for school. Your summer pictures in the previous post are beautiful as are the children featured in them! Ah sweet Summer.

  4. It's hard to believe it's time to go back to school. I blinked and the summer was gone. I love that saying on the wall too.

  5. I'm so glad you dropped by my blog. I always love the way your creativity inspires others.

    Of course I LOVE the opening of your's amazing!

    I think PreK that is for kids with summer birthdays is an awesome idea. No wonder Mary Catherine is excited! Talk to you again soon...Jan

  6. Looks like a fun place for your special young lady. Hope she has fun!


  7. How awesome! Looks like yall have a wonderful pre-k program! And I l ove the poem too! What a blessing! And the pictures are just darling!!


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