Monday, August 10, 2009


Just a quick post tonight as Daddy is away on business and Mommy is tuckered out from child rearing!

Seriously though, my husband, Chris, is out in California (at Disneyland) for a business conference for American Medical Response (AMR). Chris works in Business Development (part-time) for this nation-wide ambulance service.

And guess who the guest speaker is tonight...none other than Randolph Mantooth himself...AKA Johnny Gage!

For those of you who are quizzically scratching your heads, Randolph Mantooth played the role of John Gage, paramedic extraordinaire (and hottie) on the hit television series of the 1970s, EMERGENCY! (Must be at least 40+ years old to remember watching this show during its original airing...TV Land reruns don't count!)

I am not kidding you when I tell you that as a little girl I had a serious crush on Randolph Mantooth. Of course, I referred to him as Johnny! (I just like saying the name Mantooth! LOL) Go figure that I married myself a fire fighter/paramedic!!!

Anyway, Chris' "get of jail free card" for abandoning me and the little ones to go to Anaheim is to come home with the Mantooth's autograph! Good luck with that one! Ha!!! And in case you're wondering why in the world Randolph Mantooth (there...I said it again) is speaking at an EMS conference, I found this little snippet:

In addition to his busy acting and screenwriting career, he is a frequent keynote speaker at Fire and EMS events across the country. He serves as Honorary Chairman of the Board for the nonprofit County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association, actively supporting the museum's James O. Page Memorial Building Fund and their effort to acquire a permanent facility

Seems even Randolph can't abandon his alter ego, Johnny Gage! This guy just gets better looking with age! Ha!!!


  1. I believed for a long time that I was going to be Mrs. Gage! Hello ... my favorite show for some time. My kids laugh if we ever catch a scene. Jason and I both recite the lines as it plays, laugh before the joke, and smile the entire time. The kids think we are crazy. I agree he still looks good.

  2. Shannon, that memory is too sweet...Mrs. Gage! Ha!

    As children of the 70s and teenagers of the 80s we had some great tv programming growing up!


  3. Valerie---
    What a flashback! I remember watching that show.
    I'll answer your questions in an
    email but you'll be surprised to
    find out where I live!
    Thanks also for "following" me--
    it was a great surprise.


  4. Too bad you couldn't have attended with him! Just snuck in a side door or something,incognito. Wouldn't that have been fun for you. Probably not so much for your husband! He was a bit before my time, but he was and is a looker.
    Pony Girl is my first cousin. Our Moms are twin sisters! She's a sweetie!

  5. Many people get better looking with age...isn't it grand. (ok..not including me!)

  6. Of course I remember him...sigh...I guess that makes me old. ;)
    He does still look great!

  7. Yes like fine wine he does age well and being a kid from the 70's and first crush was Johnny Gage and still is to this day thank god for DVDS and RTV for Emergency on the air :) Thats great that he was a speaker there where hubby was I hope to see him one day goal set for myself not sure it will happen but hey we all need goals :)

  8. I've met him twice now at EMS conferences. He is just as sweet as he is good-looking. He loves his fans and holds all those in the emergency field with such high regard that I'm sure you are seeing your autograph soon. He sits for hours and chats, signs, and takes photos with people. I've only met a few TV stars in my day but he is really down to earth, assessable, and easy to talk to. He loves talking about great camping and hiking places around the country.

  9. Sorry, I have no idea who he is :-) But I think I´m forgiven since I´m swedish and a man :-) :-) :-)
    I hope he can get You an autigraph!

  10. Well I was one that was quizzically scratching my head...I have no idea who Mantooth is. But anyway hope Chris is having fun in Cali.

    You and the kiddos will make it out to Disneyland someday. Fun place to go. Not as busy as Disney World.


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