Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Parenting Decisions and Temperament

Good Morning, Friends!

I saw this on Facebook the other day and thought it perfectly summed up life!!!

As I re-enter the "outside of home"workforce, I have been constantly reminding myself of the truth behind this meme.

I've been feeling a bit guilty for being so excited to return to the workforce when I still have a pre-schooler at home.  But that guilt only comes from me...and the unnecessary worry over what others think of my choices.  

The bottom line is this, as mothers we all try to make decisions that are in the very best interest of our families.  Those decisions mean that our families might operate and look very different (even confusing)  to others.  But what we fail to keep in mind is that each of us have been given a very unique "temperament" from God,...and we don't know what "question paper" God has given anyone else!  

Yesterday, I got to spend the morning learning more about temperament (a book study) through my in-service training with my principal and how your temperament affects your interaction with your spouse...your children...your students (if a teacher).  Lots of good stuff...and it is a Catholic read!!!  The authors even provide you with examples of Saints who shared those temperament characteristics.  I am planning on writing a follow-up post, because this was good stuff!

Today I'm attending a day-long in-service with only my building staff and the Archdiocesan SPED Director.  Looking forward to a "meat and potatoes" kind of day specifically geared to working in the Resource Room.

Wishing you a great day!!!


  1. Val--

    Would you mind if I printed this post out and re-read it every morning?!?!?!?! It is the reminder I need EVERY DAY to be at peace with where I am and to accept others where they are.

    I think, we as women, ALWAYS tend to compare ourselves and worry about the approval of others. Wouldn't it be so much better if we could be confident in our choices and support others in theirs? That is what God wants for us when he calls us to love others as ourselves.

    I see so much insecurity in women though, which causes us to seek validation and to fear anything that is different because we feel it is a personal reproach to us. Why do we torture ourselves this way?!?!?

    This post hits the nail firmly on the head! And when you have time, please do share the readings about temperament! :) I could use them, I think. It would help me to home school my children better and would help me to except those things in myself that I wish were different.

    Thanks so much for sharing the meme and your beautiful thoughts on it.

    Hugs, Kari

  2. I am so enjoying this journey with you Val! Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts!

    I hope you are having a great here!

  3. Okay. I second what Kari wrote. And yes, please share the title of the book when you have a chance.

    We are to focus on ourselves and to do what is best for our own families. We are called to uplift one another and not tear each other down.

    Lately, I've read some very rude, off the cuff, comments on other blogs from other Catholic moms. Geesh! I know we all have personal opinions, but when they are rude and can hurt someone else, maybe we should zip it up.

    At any rate. Please share the book info. I'd love to read it!

  4. Sounds like you are starting
    off you new school year with some great training!



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