Saturday, August 10, 2013

First ER Visit for...Benjamin!

It was bound to happen.

My daredevil/bike trickster of a middle child was bound to visit the ER sooner rather than later.

Sooner came this afternoon.

A very hysterical Benjamin came screaming up the front porch after wrecking on his bike on the driveway.

I'm not gonna lie...I didn't jump up.

This kid screams over everything.  Always has.  Always will?  (Hope not!)  Fly in the bathroom (age 4)  SCREAMED his lungs out.  Bee buzzes by him while playing outside...(age 5) HYSTERICS.  Little brother hits him with Fisher Price Little People (age 6)...SOBBING.

So, I've sort of started not responding in urgent fashion to his screams.

But when I looked out the dining room window and saw his shirt and shorts covered in blood and his hands cupping his chin, I knew it was legit!

I helped him limp into the house to survey the damage...and it wasn't pretty.  I knew immediately (from the amount of blood pouring out his chin) that he was going to need stitches to fix this injury! No simple "tape" stitching this time!

Of course, Daddy was on-duty.  Because that's how these things happen!  :)

Fortunately, there's a brand-new Urgent Care/ER Pavilion 1/2 a mile from my husband's fire station.  He was actually allowed to take his crew and meet us there.  Three fire guys patiently sat in the pumper truck while captain daddy stayed with Benny in the triage room of the ER.

(Benjamin patiently waiting for the numbing cream to anesthetize the injury-area for stitches.)

Meanwhile, these two were another ER visit waiting to happen!  :)  Once Luke realized that these footstools were on casters, it was all over.  At one point, I caught him trying to stand on them and rock it like a skate board.  Good lawd.  I also heard quite a bit of, "This is boooooring.  When can we go hoooome?"

Two internal and six external stitches later, we were getting our discharge papers and heading home.

Daddy and the fire boys bleeped the sirens and flashed the lights as they pulled away!  It's the little things.

I've been teasing Ben that we need to shave his whiskers!  (He's got some nasty road rash on his chin and knee to go along with the stitches.)

Now to clean up the crime scene accident scene on my front porch, front door, entryway and kitchen sink area.  (I've never seen so much blood pour from one little chin!)

ER Doc says hydrogen peroxide does wonders on getting blood out of clothing!  We'll see.

Happy Saturday, Friends!!!


  1. Oh Valerie...What a day! So very sorry your brave little son was hurt...glad he was such a trooper!

    And on the plus've got this one done and over with! First ER visit? CHECK!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is a bit more peaceful, friend. : )

  2. Poor little guy! We've had the chin split, too. I think it's a popular spot to open up. I hope he's feeling better.

  3. Oh, poor Benjamin!! My kids were standing her going oooooh.....ooooouch! They feel his pain and send their sympathy through the internet! Hugs and kisses for quick relief and healing. Love those daddy's and their firetrucks :)

  4. Dear Patty,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for the sweet sentiments and sympathy from your kiddos via the internet! I sure hope I get to meet them in person. Benjamin sends his thanks and love!


  5. Poor darling! Hope it heals quickly. I too do not jump up at every cry... mine scream about everything so after all the false alarms, I have learned to tune them out.

  6. Oh poor guy! That must have really hurt! Oh and yes hydrogen peroxide really does do wonders on getting blood out. It usually works best when the blood is fresh, but it should still work great. Just let it soak for a bit.

  7. Oh, holey moley!!
    I always say, if
    you are going to
    do it make dure you
    do it good!!!
    He'll have a story
    to tell.


  8. Love how you said, "I'm not gonna lie, I didn't jump up!" That would be me!!!

    We have lots of drama in our home.

    So happy he's ok now. Poor boy...

  9. Oh, poor boy! I missed this post! spotty wifi plus being away.....awwww.
    Takes it toll on Mommy, too! I remember literally passing out for a few seconds... when Timmy was getting stitched in May of was too much to handle. You keep it together for everyone, get them in the car with the bleeding and etc, drive to the ER, fill out paperwork, and then when you can finally breath, when the MD is there sewing your child, you lose it.
    He is such a cutie...all your kid are!

  10. It can be nerve-racking when they go home all bloody and bruised like that. I remember my child bringing a broken bike home with his arm all bruised and bleeding in some spots. And the frustrating part is that he’s more concerned on how long it would take to fix his bike. Boys! But at least I got him to wear a longer sleeve and a helmet every time he goes out for a ride. Silver lining, I guess.


  11. Wow! I had the same injury when I was 5. I got it stitched the same way o.o


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