Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Back to Work" Update

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you that dropped by yesterday to read and especially those that left me good wishes!  They were greatly appreciated.

The day went well.  Of course, I had to drive in a torrential rainstorm (did you see the national news map of rain in the Kansas City/Midwest and Southeast yesterday???!!!) and with highway accidents/back-ups, I made it to my in service training in the nick of time.  (I HATE to be late!)

Of course, I had no name tag...I sort of expected that!  (Doesn't it seem as if the part-time/new employees always get forgotten about at these sort of things???!!!)  So I grabbed a bottled water and made my way back, ironically to "the front of the room"to grab a seat.  A fellow "missing-a-name-tag" colleague joined me and we quickly introduced ourselves.

I find myself gravitating to the 40/50-something year old teachers instead of the "young ones".  When did I grow up???!!!  Wahhhh!!!

I heard lots of good discussion on resources used by the various SPED teachers, but I also came away from that meeting feeling MORE confident about my own teaching abilities and usefulness in the Resource Room.

When I think about my teaching career and sometimes wonder why I didn't gravitate toward Catholic Education in the first place, I remember that God always has a plan. We are always in the time and place where we belong...even if we don't understand why.

My 10-years in public education were not wasted.  I touched lives.   But lives also touched me and those "hardest-case kiddos" were preparing me to be the future Resource Room Teacher at St. Paul!  Although, I may not hold a "Special Ed" degree, I do come critically prepared to meet my challenges...by being a former public school teacher from an AMAZING public school district, a Master-degree educated teacher from an acclaimed Midwest teaching university, and most importantly as a deeply spiritual, faith-filled, devoutly practicing Catholic mother!!!

It's gonna be a great year and I can't wait to meet my Resource Room kiddos!



P.S.  As if I wasn't busy enough...Mary Catherine has rehearsals nearly every night this week for a very special performance at the Kansas City Zoo on Friday, August 23rd.  I can't wait to see my "Little Nala" in full face-paint singing her solo!!!


  1. Good luck and congrats!! I must get caught up on your past posts...last week with clearing out our schoolroom, getting my Kev to his VBS volunteering duties and packing to go away, I really was not online much at all except to post here and there on my blog and then move on....I need to keep up with friends' blogs.... I am anxious to hear more about how things go with you! And good luck to your daughter with her upcoming performances. Yes, we have the weather channel on now and we're seeing the awful torrential rain in your area.(We are "trapped" in our room now in the Adks...at least we have a roof though! we did our cross country trip in a tent...and luckily...no rain AT ALL! across the country.
    Yes, we did visit Hannibal MO this summer...funny you should bring that up./ I do need to write posts on specific activities we did enjoy while out west..not that you'll have much time with all you've going on...but here are a few recent posts I have up abt our trip...hannibal is in there....



    we did see Twain's home and museum, do the natl fence painting contest and sightings of the author! we also saw the show, Mark Twain Himself, which was wonderful!

    Good luck and enjoy...thanks for commenting and being such a kind friend!

    Be well

  2. So the first day is done...and maybe it seems as if you never left? Or not. LOL!

    I know what you mean about being late...I hate that extra stress.

    Here's hoping the rest of your week is smooth sailing, friend!

  3. You are going to GREAT! I just know it. So, after some LONG thought and prayer and discernment, I signed up to teach our 8th Grade Year 2 Confirmation students at the parish CCD (or religious ed kids). I know I have my hands really full with homeschooling, but I felt drawn to this. I'm excited to get going. Looking forward to hearing your stories :)

  4. You will do great. It's like riding a bike-you never forget. It may be slow going for awhile but things will pick up as the days pass!

    I know that the kids will love you!

    Left you another email.


  5. Great to hear about your first day back at work! I also wonder when I grew up. Inside this older body I am sure there lurks a young mother!


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