Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Fine to be Nine!

Last Sunday, the 4th of August, my first-born turned nine.

Nine.  Her very last year of single-digit birthdays.

Nine.  Half-way to eighteen.

Nine.  The age that many (in social media/Hollywood) consider the age of the "tween".  (I always thought that "tweens" were the 10-11-12 year olds!)

(She's growing up for sure, but is still more child-like than teen!  She loves this CHIEFS shirt I got her...even though we were the losing-est team in the NFL last year.)

We worked on making this cake together...

The "pressed for time" mother-in-me skimped on icing.  (I should have just made buttercream from scratch as I often do, but I tried to short-cut it with canned frosting.)  BUT, I sort of like the rainbow cake layers peeking out amid the white frosting.

Mary added the rainbow sprinkles.

One can never go wrong with rainbow sprinkles!

Feeling a bit melancholy as summer wraps youngest turns oldest turns nine...and I return to the classroom.

Room makeover soon to come.  I haven't forgotten...just need a few finishing touches!



  1. Oh Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Valerie! Such a beautiful your lady...

    Prayers for you as you prepare to begin your new adventure!

    Have a nice weekend, friend! : )

  2. Oh...and I almost forgot...the cake looks soooo yummy!

  3. It is bittersweet to watch our babies grow up isn't it? And to have life march forward, always changing, never staying the same.

    But, as I know you know, you are so very blessed with your beautiful children and your new job too. This next year will be wonderful, I'm sure!

    Happy birthday to Mary Catherine and many blessings to you all as you keep marching forward with life....

  4. Happy birthday to you little bit of sunshine!! The cake fits her personality :) And she is NOT a tween. Do not follow what Hollywood suggests LOL! She is still your sweet little girl. May God bless her abundantly over the next year!

  5. Happy Birthday to the Miss
    nine year old. The cake
    looks delish.

    When do you want your goodies???

    Can't wait to see your classroom.


  6. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. Her cake looks wonderful. Wishing her a year with many blessings.


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