Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not Yet 16 and Already Driving! (Spring Recital 2013)

For her Tap Routine, Mary Catherine performed to Bruce Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac".


Mary LOVED this costume.  I thought she looked cute, but the "Blackbird" costume was truly my favorite.

I just thought she looked like a tiny, spindly blackbird with those long skinny legs and arms; plus, the choreography was so beautiful with arms flapping and little feet hopping or arabesque-ing she looked like she was ready to take flight.

Mary loved the glitter and glam of the Pink Cadillac costume.  She wants to be a "rock star" for Halloween.  *sigh*  LOL (At least it's appropriate!)

Hugs and thanks for reading/looking and  indulging this dance mom!


  1. Adorable,Val! And just think...one less Halloween costume to put together! : )

  2. My gosh she is getting long long legs! Cute costume too. I hope she retains her love of dance as she gets older. I haven't a dancing bone in my body!

  3. I agree with Mary--cute costume!

    She IS getting tall. Wow.


  4. I think she would make a great rock star! *wink*


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