Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Great Start to Summer

Morning Love-ies!!! Happy Sunday!

Hope you are all doing great.

I've been MIA, but exciting things have been happening around our house! It's too soon to share my biggest news, but in the meantime here's what's been going on...


So had I known that potty training the third child would be so easy, I totally would have had two or three more kids!  (I kid...I kid...y'all know our history!)  Easiest potty-training ever.  As in I had nothing to do with it.

Last week, Luke was supposed to be getting ready for a bath.  I could hear the water running, but no splashing.  I had a moment of panic (oh GOD, what if he slipped and was underwater).  I looked in the tub, no Luke.  I called out his name and he said, "I'm in here mommy.  I'm going potty."  WHAT???  He had never gone potty before.  We hadn't ever practiced. And he hated anything to do with the potty seat a friend gave us.

He's been staying dry and going #1 all week...and yesterday we turned the corner.  Seems the siblings fed him a "nutrition bar" which had a high fiber content.  Needless to say, we've conquered #2.  LOL


Went to a wedding for the daughter of some dear friends.  We had so much fun.  I almost didn't go...Chris is out of town on business and so it was me and the three kiddos. But they did really well (for the most part...see pic!) and enjoyed themselves.

We may or may not have had a "moment" or two...

The kids favorite part of the ceremony...the bubbles afterwards!

For the record...I did not take this snapshot.  Mary did.  But it cracks me up because I totally wanted to take a picture of this young woman.  She was beautiful...but had these BATS tattooed all over her legs (her hair was also lavender) that disturbed me to no end.  Finally, she walked by my table and I saw a muted tattoo on her ankle and realized she was wearing hose.  Lawd help me if Mary Catherine goes Goth!  LOL

Got Cake?

These poor bachelors look like they're about to pose for a police lineup.  Relax's only a garter toss!

Finally, my favorite series of pictures!  All FOUR daughters are incredibly beautiful, intelligent, and talented!  The sisters became cloggers during their high school years (taking lessons through the Midwest Cloggers Association) and love to put on a show.  Entire rooms stop to watch them perform!  Doesn't the bride and her three sisters look adorable???!!!  And I love the "daddy" shot at the end. So bummed it turned out blurry.

So hard to believe that these little girls used to come over to our house to play.  Their dad built my current home and 13 years ago they would come to the house site swinging hammers and playing chase  among the drywall and studs.  All four have been babysitters to my kids.  Their youngest is still in high school so I have a couple of years left of a fantastic sitter!


Both of the big kids begged to play ball this Spring.  I was hesitant to sign them up...I knew the time commitment would be hefty, but I'm really glad I put my selfish desire to be lazy aside!!!  Both kids have learned so much about teamwork, responsibility, follow-thru on commitments, etc.

This isn't competitive or even big city ball team stuff...just small-town, one-stoplight, softball/t-ball teams that only give them an official team shirt and hat!  We even had to supply our own shorts or ball pants.  LOL  We play other small, one-stoplight towns, and it's truly been a positive experience!  A little slice of Americana.

First Game...Nervous, but Excited!
(Check out that adorable pink ball glove!  So cute!)

My "LEFTY" at bat!   He's also a pretty good First Baseman!

Our Girl as Catcher! She actually likes this position.  
Possibly because she hates running???!!!!

So there you have it!  This is what we've been up to since the last day of school! Hope that your summer has gotten off to a fabulous start.

As you can see (or not see) there are no pool pictures. Yup, it's June 9th and we haven't been to the public pool once.  We've only reached 80 degrees twice since Memorial Day and this mama thinks that is waaaay to cold for going to an unheated public pool!

Kids vote that I'm the MEANEST.MOM.EVER.  Whatevah!



  1. Here you are, Val! Been missing you, but after reading this post, I see you have been a bit busy enjoying life...

    Love your photos! And for the record, I would not be going to the pool either!

    Have a blessed Sunday, dear bloggy friend...and as for your "biggest" news, don't leave us hanging too long! ; )

  2. I am the meanest mom ever too!! For the same reason.
    Looks like a lot of fun stuff happening. That wedding dress was gorgeous.

  3. We'll have pool weather THIS week!
    The kids should be happy.

    Looking forward to the big news!!


  4. Great pictures! Especially like the sister pictures and your kids in their wedding finery.

  5. Wow so much fun stuff! And um, five kids in and not one of them self-potty trained. That would a dream!!!

  6. Oh the business of May! Great pictures and all around fun times :) yeah for the potty training!! My #2 child did the same thing. Actually, all three older girls were easy peasy.

  7. I've heard of those kids who potty train themselves. I never had one who did that- but good for Luke! What an accomplishment!

    I'm glad things are going so well- hope the kid get their pool weather soon.

    But what I really want to say is-- I'm SO curious about the BIG news?!?!?!?

    Many blessings, Kari


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