Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Beautiful "Blackbird" (Spring Recital 2013)

Whew...we made it through recital weekend!

We had a terrific experience with Mary Catherine's new dance studio.

Miss Amanda is incredibly organized and efficient.  She's punctual, too, meaning rehearsals and recitals started and stopped on time.  Bless her!

The costumes were amazing...

...the theme was Color Fusion and every costume had something to do with the theme of the song...

...think "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" or "Purple People Eater" or "Bein' Green via Kermit the Frog!"  Those were the itty bitty ballerinas and they were  so very cute!  The older girls performed to songs like "Fields of Gold" (Sting) "True Colors" (Cyndi Lauper) and Black or White (Michael Jackson).

Mary danced to Sara McLachlan's version of the Beatles "Blackbird" for her ballet routine.  All the girls were so beautiful!  It really did bring tears to my eyes to see my girl up there in her element!

For your listening pleasure, I'm inserting Sara McLachlan's version of "Blackbird" via YouTube.  Enjoy~



  1. Great job Mary!

    I bet both of you are glad
    recital time is over!


  2. Val...that was wonderful! I know your mommy heart was bursting at the seams...Yay for your beautiful daughter! : )

  3. How truly beautiful! And thank you for including the music... I'd never heard this version of "Blackbird (which is a song I love); lovely.

  4. Love the song and love (even more so) the beautiful ballerina :)

  5. How sweet. I love the creativity with the songs about colors. I never heard that version of Blackbird, but it's really nice. Congrats to you, proud mom!

  6. Too cute! She looked a little lost in a few of the pictures, did she forget her moves or am I completely wrong?!


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