Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recital 2013 Recap...One Last Post!

One last recital post...I promise!  (This was just such an amazing experience for our sweet girl.)

Mimi and Papa came to Kansas City from St. Louis for the Saturday night performance.  Things were so crazy, including a ferocious thunderstorm that blew in just hours before recital time, that few pictures were captured with Mimi and Papa, but I did get a couple.

Mary Catherine is my parents only granddaughter! Yup, they have 6 grandsons and only 1 granddaughter (and my only daughter!)...needless to say she's a bit doted on.  :)

I also captured a couple cute close-ups...

When it came to food/meal prep this weekend, I really dropped the ball.  (Next year, I'll know to prep for meals a week ahead of time...with rehearsals starting on Thursday night and t-ball games too, I just couldn't get it all done.

Fortunately, a few good restaurants, old-fashioned scrambled eggs with sausage crumbles and bagels, along with Wal-Mart cupcakes saved the day.  They even had cupcakes to go along with the Color Fusion theme!

This was the first year that the dance academy gave out medals on Sunday afternoon after the final performance.  I captured a couple pics of Mary receiving her medal from her dance instructor, Ms. Amanda.

Flowers from Daddy and her brothers...

...and finally, a few candid shots at the end of a very long weekend.  I just love this girl...she's so laid back, easy-going, silly!  Everything I'm not...and her daddy is!

And that was our Recital Weekend! Already looking forward to 2014!!!  Be sure to come back tomorrow as I have a great link to share with you all regarding photographing ourselves with our children/families (something I rarely do!).



  1. So happy you all enjoyed your recital experience, Val! What memories you are making. Job well done mama! : )

  2. Well, that night was just made even sweeter with grandparents coming in for it!! Your pictures are great, Valerie, capturing her personality to a T. I love the neon frosted cupcakes with that black tulle around the base!!


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