Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We're Off to see the Wizard!

Last Thursday night (May 2nd, in the midst of a freak winter snowstorm!) Mary and Benjamin had their school Spring Musical.

The theme:  The Wizard of Oz.

Only our most favorite movie of all time.  HELLO...we're from Kansas!  LOL

Mary started to watch The Wizard of Oz around age 3 and had no fears!  Not of wicked witches...talking apple trees...or flying monkeys.  She may have a small issue with tornadoes...HELLO...we're living in Kansas!  LOL  :)

Anyway, the entire school, K-8th grade participated in the musical.  It was pretty incredible for a tiny school...with almost no fine arts budget...and limited parental resources.  But it came together and was a  treat to the ears and eyes.

I am planning on doing a couple of posts on this topic.  Stay tuned for sheer cuteness!!!

First Up...Benjamin!

The Kindergarten Class (all NINE of them!  LOL) were the Poppy Munchkins.  

Next, we have Mary Catherine.

Mary was invited to be part of the "Lullaby League"!  This thrilled her to no end!!!  She was all about her bit solo part and dancing trio!!!

Can you guess which kiddo takes ballet???!!!  

Finally, random pictures of the cast!

These kiddos did an amazing job...and the parents, too! It took a lot of work rounding up and/or creating all these costumes on our own!!!

Finally, a few last pictures of Mary Catherine and her best friend, Ella.  As I mentioned, Mary Catherine was invited to be part of the "Lullaby League" where she danced and sang with a 5th grader and 8th grader.  Quite an honor in her opinion!  :)  Well, Ella was also given a bit part as narrator at the opening of the story.  These two 2nd graders were tickled pink to get to be "special" munchkins!

Best Friends Munchkins!

Next  up, Mary's singing solo!  (Don't worry...it's only about 10 seconds long!!!)


  1. Love it, Val...how sweet! : )

  2. plays are so much fun! It looks like everyone enjoyed participating in it.

  3. How cute and creative and adorable are those kids?! Let'd hear it for these smaller schools with such little (if any) funding. The costumes looked great! Hats off to the kids and the adults who helped the kids!


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