Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sneak Peek...Upcoming Dance Recital

Last weekend was a busy one. It included a professional photo shoot at Mary Catherine's dance studio.

As this is our first year with Miss Amanda's Dance Academy, everything is new to us.  Including how super-duper organized Miss Amanda is!  We paid for recital costume fees last November, had fittings in February, and her in-house seamstress had alterations done by April.   (No fabric glue or safety pinning for this recital mama!)

So, no surprise, (but a new experience for us!), Miss Amanda has professional recital portraits taken at the studio.  It's a totally no-sales pressure deal (IF, you can resist the cuteness of your own kiddo!) as in,   you show up at your scheduled time-slot, pictures are taken, and you leave.  Individual and group dance shots are then available on the website for purchase...meaning you don't have to make an on-the-spot decision and end up buying more pictures of your daughter in the Nutcracker than any one mama needs.

While the professional shots aren't ready yet, I captured a couple of Mary Catherine with my camera phone between takes.  So.Stinkin.Cute.

First up...Blackbird. (Ballet)

And next up...Pink Cadillac.  (Tap)

Again, really cute.  I especially love how appropriate the costumes are...believe it or not that can be a challenge within the dance community... so I really appreciate the fact that Miss Amanda goes with age-appropriate, modest costumes.



  1. Oh wow, these are going to be gorgeous!! They look so pretty and sweet, love Mary's confidence!!!

  2. Ohhh love, Val! The black on is my favorite... She looks bea.ti.ful! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

  3. C U T E!!!!! That is what those snaps are!

    M :)

  4. Sweet, sweet pictures. The pink and black costumes are so cute!

  5. TOO cute! We are in the middle of dance costumes, photos, and recitals too :)

  6. So, so cute!! Love that she chose modest costumes. I had a friend pull her daughter out of show for just that reason. They were doing Grease. And she was only 7!!!

    I would have had a hard time resisting buying those photos too!! :)

  7. Those photos are precious and your daughter is beautiful!! My girl is only 2, but I secretly hope she wants to dance. I always wanted to as a child, but never did! The dance studio sounds awesome!

  8. Great photos and you are so right, the costumes are very age appropriate. Which can be a problem these days with certain studios.


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