Thursday, May 2, 2013

Candid Shots from First Holy Communion Day

Just a quick post today...another set of snapshots taken the afternoon of First Holy Communion.

While I wish these were of better quality, I snapped them with my camera phone while the kids were milling around in the classrooms.

Sometimes, candid shots are just the best!

Future photographer???!!!
She got her own camera last year and loves to take pictures.

Sweet Girlfriends!

I call this series of shots..."Runaway Groom"  LOL

Group Class Shot (We're missing one girl and three boys.)

All the kiddos were talking, laughing, interacting...

...our daughter...

the Bookworm.

Passing the time playing hand games.

Mary's bestie, Ella! 
She looked she stepped out of a vintage photograph from First Holy Communion in the early 1900s.

This is a group shot on the altar.

It is both the Sunday School of Religion (SOR) and St. Paul Catholic School 2nd Grade class.

Since they are combined, I don't know most of the names of these children.

I'm off for now.  The whirlwind hasn't stopped!  Tonight, Mary and Benjamin are part of their School Spring Musical, The Wizard of Oz.  Benjamin is a Poppy-Flower Munchkin with his other kindergarten classmates.  Mary's 2nd grade class is also starring as Munchkins, but Mary has a very special role!  Mary was chosen to be one of three "Lullaby League" ballerinas and has a solo.  I need to make some last minute alterations to her ballerina costume, but no "Munchkin" costume for her.

The scenery is amazing...considering our tiny school has very little in the way of resources.  The spinning tornado is just fantastic!  I spent the morning putting up an "Art Gallery" display for the Music/Art teacher.  More about that tomorrow as well as my First Holy Communion table setting.



  1. Ohhhh these are so sweet, Val...what a wonderful day for your daughter! And I love her nose buried in her book! I was the same way! Still am!

    The snow?? What can I say? Yuck! Happy Thursday, friend!

  2. Such cute pics.

    When will you get off
    the merry-go-round?

    I left a reply for you on my
    Autism post.

    M :)

  3. Congratulations!!!! She looks so very innocent and lovely!!! Love her dress and all the girls' dresses! God bless your sweet heart!


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