Monday, May 6, 2013

First Holy Communion - Table Setting - What's Old is New Again!

Interior decorating is not my strong suit!  LOL

Still, I  try to create a warm and welcoming home for friends and family, especially on special occasions.

Lately, I've been feeling more and more adventurous when it comes to "table setting" and have regularly been setting a pretty table for both extended family visits and dinner for just the five of us.

With only eight table settings (why, or why didn't I register for 10 or 12???!!!), I don't find myself using the "good china" all that often when we have large family gatherings.  Paper/plastic (I know, the table setting police are shuddering!) is just so much "safer" with large crowds...and easier for mama to clean up!

But, since Mary Catherine's Communion wasn't until 2:30 PM, I had plenty of time to put on a brunch for just my parents and immediate family.  With only seven of us total at brunch, I was able to set a pretty table using my wedding china, crystal and silver.

One thing I sometimes struggle with (read..."over-think") is how "dated" my china is.

(And that's a good thing, right???!!!  I mean, in today's day and age, if you've got wedding china that's 20+ years old you gotta be doing something right in the marriage!!!)

So, imagine my surprise and delight to find a great article in the March/April issue of Southern Lady Magazine about how to "update"  your "dated" china.  It was just the motivation and inspiration necessary to help me create a more modern look for my Noritake china pattern.  (And I really do love my china pattern...even if it is "busy" and "dated"!  It is just so delicate and feminine!)

Modern/contemporary chargers brightened up my Noritake setting, Barrymore, by picking up on the muted teal in the plates.  Working with a limited budget, I was so excited to score these chargers for $1.50/ea. at Michael's.

In the same aisle, I was also able to find coordinating candles on sale (scented, even more fun!) as well as some fun glass votive lanterns.

 Burlap garlands served as table runners along my simple table cloth and mini terra cotta flower pots (.49/each) were able to hold delicate flowering buds that picked up on the pink/peachy floral pattern of the plates.

The only thing I am missing, and ran out of time to make, were linen napkins.  (Again, white paper napkins to the rescue!) but after seeing the inspiration photos from Southern Lady I now know what to keep my eye out for...either ready made or in the fabric department.

A very famous "Noritake" pattern updated in Southern Lady Magazine

I love the use of the chevron linen napkin with the floral plates. And orange is just so fun!

My three munchkins (I can't believe we have no more high chairs or booster seats!!!) sat across from our very special guests, Mimi and Papa.  Fortunately, the home decorating blogs/magazines are showing mixed dining chairs around the table.  (I wasn't trying to achieve any particular look...just making do with chairs from different parts of the house! LOL)

This table setting was complete with a scrumptious brunch.  I served jalapeno popper quiche, picnic potatoes, french toast casserole, and fresh fruit.  We were stuffed (like the french toast!), but it carried us until late in the afternoon when we served pizza, cold pasta salad, and cake.  On plastic.  For real.  :)

Recipes for the brunch menu to come!  Each was delicious and the different flavors actually worked well together.

Thanks so much for dropping by and Happy Monday!  I have a sickie home from school (can you believe it???  In May???!!!) so I've been able to play catch-up with my blog.



  1. Your table and decorations look
    lovely and I'm sure Mary was pleased.
    Wedding china? What is that?
    I think we have used two settings
    from ours once! Formal china just
    isn't used as much anymore.

    I do like your updates though.

    M :)

  2. Wonderful job, Val! Pretty pretty pretty...I never use my china. Ever. We do use nice dishes at Christmas, but I have some beautiful Christmas ones that were a gift from my Grandma. Any other time it is paper...easy clean up!

  3. Your table looks beautiful, but nothing to compare to Mary! Congratulations and God bless her on her special day.

  4. Very pretty Valerie. I love your tablescape colors and china! Is that a more of a teal color or turquoise? I bet your children had fun eating at such a pretty and refined dining table with the grown ups!

  5. I like the look of your china. The table setting looks beautiful and like the color.


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