Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty Springtime Apron

Happy Monday! 

Just thought I'd quickly share my most recent creation... 

...a pretty apron for Spring! 

Yes, I realize my 5-year old cut off my head!  That's what I get when I ask a preschooler to focus the camera on the apron!

I started with a pattern from Busy Bee Quilt Designs called the French Flea Market Apron,  (I think the pattern name itself just screams FUN) and then picked four (4) coordinating fabrics from my local quilt shop.

I used Philip Jacobs' Pom Pom Dahlias (pastel) as my inspiration piece coordinating the ruffle (middle layer) and apron top panel (the green "Paperweight" pattern by Kaffe Fassett for Westminster Fabrics and Rowan) with the sassy pink apron waistband/tie.

I was going for a "spring" look for my new apron and think that I hit jackpot with these fabrics!  It looks both cute on and hanging from a hook in my kitchen.

I found this pattern exceptionally easy to follow, especially for a beginning seamstress, and think that the overall style of the pattern is flattering on most any figure!

I only struggled with a couple things...pulling my gathering stitch to create the ruffled look...and stitching the two ruffled layers (bottom and middle) to the flat, front/top panel.  I did make a couple of mistakes (not visible in picture) that I will now be conscious of in the future. 

I am anxious to make several more of these as gifts for some special ladies in my life and can not wait to experiment with different fabrics. I think that this apron can take on such a different feel depending on the personality of the chef wearing it!  And I already have a vision of holiday fabrics spinning in my head for a mother/daughter set (child directions included with the apron pattern...yippee!).

And yes, I wear my new apron!


  1. that is so super cute Val! very well done!!

  2. Very cute :) I've never felt the need to wear an apron, but I may try one out just for fun this Thanksgiving/Christmas!

  3. My Sugar (15) has caught that sewing bug. I can never find her now. She is always upstairs in her room at her sewing machine trying to create new things. I only wish we lived closer, I think she would love spending time with you and your creative spirit.

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!
    You did a great job---the colors are so pretty together.

  5. OH, that material is just yummy!

    I love the apron, you are so talented!!

    I am a messy cook though, I need the kind of apron with a top!

    This kind reminds me of playing restaurant when I was a kid!

  6. Thanks so much, Anne Marie!

    Caitlin, we can wear our aprons together while we bake Christmas cookies next year!

    Neen, I would love to spend a weekend sewing with your sweet daughter! I bet she could teach me a ton! It's been a while since I took my intro to sewing class.

    Thanks, Melinda! I love the colors, too!

    Jamie Jo, I wish I had more talent! I am a true novice at this sewing thing and I make lots of mistakes, but I am learning along the way! I hope to pass on this skill to my daughter (and sons...Ben's extremely interested in learning to sew!) while they are young. It's a great life skill to know!

  7. great job!!! It is so cute!! precious as can be!!!

    Hugs and love!

  8. Love it, so bright and springy! I enjoy wearing aprons and have one that someone gave me that looks a little like yours. Wonder if it was made from the same pattern? Hmm, may have to ask her.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  9. Thanks, Patty and JennyLynn! This apron was definitely fun to make!

  10. you're so into sewing, Val. That apron is beautiful. great colors, and patterns, and a super job!! You've got the flair for this.

  11. Very pretty Valerie! Oh I need to learn to sew so badly! I also think your photographer did a great job. Personally I would WANT my head cut off!

  12. Love your fabric choices! Very springy. I did my first ruffles a few months ago - not an easy task. You did a great job!

  13. So cute, love the pretty Spring colors!!!


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