Monday, April 23, 2012

Antique Roses

This week, my antique rose bush is in full bloom. 

Its fragrance is lovely. 

Sweeter than any hybrid rose you can purchase from the florist. 

Unfortunately, the blooms do not last long once cut...but its scent wafts through our entire first floor if I open up the widows along the south side of our wrap-around porch.

This particular rose bush came from a cutting from Chris' great-grandfather's rose bush.  

Unfortunately, I do not know the name of this rose, but we call it the "Grandpa Victor" rose. 

It is hardy to say the least... has lived through extreme heat, drought, blizzards, abnormally cold temperatures....with little care on my part.  In fact, I noticed that it is beginning to spread on its own.

Did you know that antique roses can live for hundreds of years? 

According to The Vintage Rosery antique roses have been found in old cemeteries and abandoned homesteads dating from the 1800s!  Amazing!!!



  1. Oh, it is so beautiful!! I want a Grandpa Victor rose:).!


  2. What a pretty rose and I bet the smell is wonderful too.


  3. Beautiful! We inherited all of our roses from my husband's grandpa as well. Its so fun to see them bloom each year and remember how much Grandpa loved those roses.

  4. Just gorgeous. Love the vibrant color of them.

  5. These are so pretty, and I'm sure even more so in person!
    Thanks for the few comments you've left, I appreciate always the kind words and enjoy hearing from you, you are someone that keeps my sewing inspiration going!
    I haven't been sewing since the move and miss is so much. Can't wait to get back at it, thanks for asking!!!


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