Friday, April 6, 2012

A Child's Crucifix

A simple wooden crucifix.  

Created with clothespins, tongue depressor's, and paint... 

...lovingly fashioned by my 5-year old's tiny hands at preschool.

He couldn't wait to get home to hang it up over his bed.

His nail hanger (the metal part from the clothespin) popped off.

I'm not quite sure why this craft project has touched me so deeply...

...perhaps it is my overwhelming love for the little one who created it,

or maybe the symbolism behind it...rough-hewn wood...innocence...a mother's loss...

We are unplugging for today...baking, crafting, reading, meditating, reconnecting as a family and with nature...all in the quiet.

I invite you to do the same...if not all day...for a few hours.  

Perhaps between Noon and Three O'clock...


  1. Love it, we'll have to try to do those today and our red marble painted crosses (by His stripes we were healed)

    Love your song you have on today.....

  2. That is a very special craft project as it reminds me about the true meaning of Easter. You have inspired me to unplug. Going to take a day and do it! My children would really benefit from time off from everything electronic.

  3. We did these crosses, the girls loved them and they turned out great!

    Thanks for the idea..I saw I think on Crafolic, that we can add a loin cloth and halo and bloody hands and feet and a face...we might try to add that too.

  4. I have never seen a cross like that before. I'll have to do that one with Kendry next year. Thank you! And I hope you and yours had a blessed Easter.

  5. What a great craft for kids to do... put in perspective that we all put Jesus on the cross.


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