Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shared Bedrooms and Static Electricity

"God made us sisters, but our hearts made us friends."

Me with my beautiful sister, Joy...and handsome brother, John!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish my sister a Happy Birthday!  May the coming year bring you much happiness.  I love you so much and am so thankful that God made us sisters!

Mary Catherine is named after my sister, Joy Catherine.  Joy and I are six years apart.  The exact same spread between Mary and Luke!  At times we fought like cats and dogs, but mostly we loved on each other. 

We shared a bedroom growing up and it was the best thing ever.  Sharing taught me to be more tolerant of my messy, but fun-loving/spontaneous sister.  Sharing taught Joy how to put clothes in the hamper!  LOL  Sometimes, we asked our mom to put our twin beds together so that we could sleep together at night...the "sisters-bed"!  We loved to get matching flannel nightgowns at Christmas and would rub our legs under the covers to "make electricity" and then scream and giggle wildly as we shocked each other!

She was only 12 when I moved out to go to college.  And although we've spent more years apart than we did together, it was those early years that bonded us together.

In today's age of "big box houses" where every child gets their own bedroom and might have to share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, I think children are getting the short end of the stick.  Family is about togetherness...not about separateness.  (I love that Luke and Ben share a bedroom.  I think they are going to become best friends!)

Today we are both mothers to two boys and as godmother to Mary Catherine, I get to share my daughter with my sister! 

Anyway, thanks for all the great memories, sis...I love you!


  1. Oh wow, I completely agree! My two older daughters share a room, and have chosen to share a bed. They cannot sleep apart at night. The other night Makenna was coughing quite a bit, so I thought it might be good for both of them if she slept in her own bed. After a half hour neither of them were asleep. They just couldn't fall asleep without one another. We're building a new house, and most likely the girls will share a room. And I think they'll love it.

  2. Very sweet post to your sister.
    Happy birthday to her!

  3. What a beautiful birthday post for your sister! I love my sisters dearly! I was aggravated at first when my boys first started sharing a room but now I am glad. They have such a bond!

  4. Thank you so much dear sister of mine! That was so sweet! The static electricity was the best!
    Love Always!

  5. Such a sweet post! Makes me think about having the girls share a room....but I know they would hate it.

  6. People often ask if I would want a bigger house and my answer is no. I would want a smaller one with a bigger kitchen and laundry room only. It is the closeness that teaches them how to act when in college and married. So many stories of spoiled people struggling with marriage in the early years. It is hard to learn to live kindly in the same room with another person. I am also so thankful for the time spent with my siblings in room growing up. Sisters are gifts from God for sure!

  7. Wow, congratulations on your newest blessing, how wonderful!!!
    Merry Christmas!!


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