Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Me and My Muff

The weekend after Mary missed two days of school because of stomach flu, she had a mini ballet recital to participate in.  Nothing formal or fancy at all, just a simple program to celebrate the holiday season.

I felt bad for Mary because I could tell that she still did not feel 100%.  Not to mention that upon arrival at the ballet studio, she tells me that she has lost a slipper.

Not even kidding.  It is not in her dance bag.  Not in the minivan.  Not in the parking lot.  Fortunately, Miss Tauna has extra ballet slippers for just an occasion like this.  :)  Needless to say, I will now check her dance bag each Tuesday afternoon before departing for ballet.  By the way...we found the her closet.  *sigh*

Mary and a couple of other little girls performed a routine to "My Muff and I." It was a cute performance and I wish I had better pictures to share with you, but after the slipper fiasco, I was late finding a seat.  There really weren't enough folding chairs for everybody (this was held at the studio instead of a performance venue) and I had to squeeze into the very last row.  I was busy wrangling a feisty four-year old and 4-month infant NOT happy with staying in his car seat.  Not to mention, I was achy and chilled...about to come down with the flu myself!  Aaaah, life!  This is the stuff that memories are made of! 


  1. Ok---I don't know if I am losing it (probably) or I have missed a few posts, even when watching ofr a change in your pic on my sidebar.
    Cute pics of the ballet and those of Mr. Luke are adorable. He's going to tall like Chris.
    I hope the flu goea away soon.I recieves a URI after Christmas which sent me to the Dr. this past Monday. Yuck!

    The best of intentions were to get together but here it is Wednesday and my break is flying by.
    We WILL get together in January!
    Let's get you better and the new year started and then we'll go from there.

    Ken says "HI!"

    Happy New Year to you, Chris, Mary, Ben and Luke.


  2. My fingers are going a mile a minute and it looks like I can't spell but really I can.


  3. Poor thing. You can tell she isn't feeling well. She always seams to have ahuge smile on her face but it is missing in these pictures.

    Doing something even when we feel sick is an important life lesson. She didn't let her peers or her teacher down. She made the most of it. Those are wonderful character traits that will help her in life.

    I hope you are all better!

  4. Awe those moments that keep us guessing. I like the photos, and such a cute song. Glad she was able to perform.


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