Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Firehouse Christmas

Another Christmas event that we attended this year was at my husband's fire station.

Each year, Station 1 or "Headquarters" hosts it's annual Christmas luncheon for staff and their families. Since Daddy was on-duty this year, he thought it might be fun for me to bring the kids up. Chief R was grilling gourmet hamburgers and each family that was in attendance was asked to provide a side dish or desert. Since we were just coming off of the flu, this mama thought the polite thing to do would be to hold-off on providing a homemade dish and bring store-prepared instead.

But, I felt odd about it. Odd that I wasn't contributing homemade, and odd in having to explain our stomach flu contagion. So, I nonchalantly put a container of deli-served baked beans on the table and scooted away quickly hoping that nobody saw me!

All of the fire trucks were parked outside of the bay and round tables and chairs were set up for eating. Santa made his debut and little ones got to tour the new Educational trailer that the Department recently purchased. It has a kitchen to teach about stove top fires, hot coils, ovens, etc. as well as a fire place, doors that heat up, smoke machine for stop, drop and roll, etc. Benjamin loved the trailer and couldn't get enough of it!

I just realized my daughter is flinging a yo-yo around!

Ben loves the BIG trucks!
The new Education Trailer (schools, neighborhoods, community events, etc.) and a chair for Santa.

Luke with Fire Fighter Danny. 
My kiddos with the Fire Dept. Santa.


  1. How fun and a very cute pic with Santa.
    Hope everyone is feeling better!!!

    Happy New Year too.


  2. That is such a great tradition, I think. Looks like they had fun too. Glad that you're all feeling better....and it's okay if you didn't bring homemade!

  3. Looks like a fun time! I sure hope everyone is feeling better! Love the picture of the kids with Santa! So cute!
    Hugs and Blessings,


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