Thursday, December 30, 2010

School's Out for Winter Break!

To celebrate the start of Winter Break, Mary Catherine had a friend over to play.

This school year has really been the start of friendships and play dates for Mary. Since I worked full-time when she was a baby/toddler, I didn't do "mommy & me" groups or activities. Frankly, I didn't want to give up my limited time with her! Truth be told...I still don't.  Besides, I find play dates for toddlers/early preschoolers, highly overrated.

Now that she is a kindergartner, Mary is more into making friends. Mary also loves any reason to make treats or "have a party". :) So, we invited a new classmate who started at Mary's school and was placed in Mary's homeroom (the Monday after Thanksgiving), over to play. Coincidentally, "D" lives in our subdivision...and even better...two houses up the street from us. As all of our neighbors are either of retirement age or parents to teenagers, this is a big deal for us!

The girls had a wonderful time together.

The only problem that arose was that "D" wanted to shut out Benjamin from Mary's room. This is a no-no at our house. Our bedroom doors are left open and we must be kind to each other. That being said, I did provide the girls with some "alone" time from baby brother, which I think is only fair.  I did gracefully explain to "D" that at our house we sometimes have to allow little brothers to be part of the games and that slamming bedroom doors and locking them out was not allowed. I think she was fine with this. As she only has a baby sister, the "brother-thing" is completely new to her!

The girls and Benjamin helped to make rice crispy treats. We then cut out with star or tree-shaped cookie cutters and decorated with icing and red/green M&Ms. Easy peasy, but fun for the little ones.

Mary's new friend and classmate!  She is a cutie.
New friends.
When we walked D home, I provided her parents with this cute snapshot of the girls...a little souvenir of their first play date.  We are so glad to have D and her family as new neighbors and welcome them to our subdivision.  We look forward to getting to know them better and for the girls to become good friends.

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  1. Great Mom--Love the pics.

    Glad that Mary has made a new friend and that they live so close
    to each other.

    Happy New Year to all.



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