Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wizard of What…?

Today was one of those crazy days where nothing seems to go right and everything seems to go wrong!

Our day started with a trip to Halloween Express for costume shopping around 10:30 AM only to discover that they didn’t open until 11:00 AM.  Okay.  No problem.  Regroup.

We drove across the street to Target where I needed to get the kids some last minute OUTFITS for our family portrait TOMORROW!!! (Yes, I know… PROCRASTINATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE)   While there, I perused the costume selection, but really thought I would find better selection at Halloween Express.  (I had very particular costumes in mind for the little ones, and couldn’t find what I wanted at Target.)

After killing a half-hour in Target, we returned to our car in the pouring cold rain only to discover that Benjamin left a toy FROM HOME (that he apparently snuck in like contraband) in the children’s book zone.  Now, had this been your run of the mill matchbox, I probably would’ve said forget it, but it was his little die-cast F15 fighter jet that we bought at the Naval Air Base Museum in Pensacola, FL and that he absolutely adores.   So back in we go.  I actually put both kids in a shopping cart so that I could hustle  across the store quicker (because, of course, I parked on the opposite side of electronics/books).

So, we find fighter jet and return to said car, go to Halloween Express (that has now been open for 15 minutes) and begin perusing the aisles…the sparsely stocked aisles, only to discover this (in the children’s zone)!!!


Ummm, how do I explain this to my 5-year old who begged to be Dorothy again this year?!!!

DSC05897 (Halloween 2008) Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion.   Much cuter…don’t you think?

In addition to all sorts of weird and inappropriate children’s costumes, the prices were outrageous!!!  They were asking $59.99 for a Little Mermaid costume.  Seriously?  For a 5-year old?  To wear twice.  Maybe.

Back to Target we go.   We ended up getting a couple of adorable costumes for half the price of Halloween Express.  Won’t give it away, but I’ve got a couple of  SUPER kids!  *wink* *wink*

Next stop…the movie theater.  (I forgot to mention that since Mary is on Fall Break, I decided to treat the kids to a movie today and had purchased tickets in advance.)  Put the car in park.  Get everyone hooded up for the mad dash in the rain.  Discover my WALLET (with tickets) is missing. 

Yup…you guessed it…it’s at TARGET!!!  Back to Target I go where I enter their store (on surveillance tape I’m certain) dragging two drowned rats (i.e. my kids) for the FOURTH time today!!!  Fortunately, the kind and detail-oriented cashier immediately saw my billfold and turned into security (on the opposite side of the store from where we parked…aaaargh!) before anyone could steal accidentally pocket it.

We did in fact make it to the movie on time where we were disappointed by Where the Wild Things Are.  I failed to read any critic or parent-reviews and was a bit concerned by the amount of anger my little ones saw displayed by Max, the main character.  Perhaps, it is just the teacher/communication arts critic in me coming out, but I was disappointed in the liberties taken from such a sweet, simple story line.  :(

wherethewildthingsare Aren’t the books always better than the movies?!!!

So, that was MY terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!  (And in case it sounds familiar, I’m quoting the title of another famous children’s picture book (author Judith Viorst), Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!!!


Hoping you all had a much better better day than me!!!


  1. Ah, 4 times at Target?!? That would have driven me nuts. And a $50+ costume there? Do parents actually spend that much on one costume for their child? Crazy.

    So are you and Chris dressing up? I'd love to get costumes for my hubby and I, but it doesn't fit into the budget this year. It seems like it would be fun, though.

    Thanks for the heads up on Where the Wild Things Are. I hadn't heard any reviews before.

  2. Thanks for the warning on costumes...and movies!
    You made me tired just thinking about your halloween costume crusade!

  3. Morgan,

    Daddy's on duty this year, so no dress-up for us! Actually, Daddy is going to be at the National Fire Academy, so we can't even run by the station for a Halloween preview, this year. :(

    Apparently so people do spend that much on those costumes, but the lady with 5 kids that walked in the same time we did, walked out the same time we did. We chatted about the outrageous prices as neither of us had been to Halloween Express before.

    Target had cute stuff...just not exactly what I was looking for, but Mary found something she liked and that was all that mattered...and the cheap prices!!! LOL

  4. Ha ha ha ha! Mwha ha ha! (Wiping tears from my eyes) Oh, Val.

  5. Oh good golly Miss Molly--

    I so tired after reading this that I have NO idea what to say.
    Costume people are in drugs...
    I have heard that the movie wasn't getting good reviews.

    Our class went on a field trip today down to Union Station today and saw "Goodnight Moon" really adorable adaptation of the book.
    It's being put on by the Theatre
    For Young America downstairs at the station. The play goes until October 31st I think.
    I think the kids would like it!


  6. Oh, Melinda! How fun...Goodnight Moon on Broadway ;)!!! Did they enjoy the magnitude of Union Station. It really is a beautiful restored train station!

    I'll have to see if I can fit that in...running out of days before 10/31!

  7. Ah, the joys of motherhood! It sounds like it was a day where you should have just stayed home all day in your jammies! At least you got the costumes, can't wait to see them!

  8. WOw! What a busy day you had for sure!!!

    I am right with you about the costumes! It has been said about me being too over the top about not allowing certain costumes. But I refuse for my pre schooler to look like someone who is working the night! I have worked hard to teach her about modesty and so we searched high and low, and actually went with buying off ebay to find costumes that matched us better.

    Thank you about the heads up on the movie!

    I can't wait to see your lil cutie pies! Hope yall are having a great weekend!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  9. The Universe wanted you in Target that day didn't it! My goodness!

  10. oh yeah, sounds like a nightmare of a day!!! Yikes.

    Oh, and in regards to the Dorothy costume pictured (not the one of your darling)...I saw a 6th grader in that at the fall festival.
    What the heck could the parents be thinking?!

  11. Seriously, what's the deal with the Dorothy costumes? It's not like other Judy Garland roles get the same treatment. A sexy "Easter Parade" costume, for example? How about a sexy "Meet Me in St. Louis"?! And yet, no "Cabaret"...oh, wait, that was Liza Minnelli :)


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