Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jon & Kate…Beginning to Grate?!!!

jon-and-kate-plus-8-scandal So since all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 drama began last spring/summer (?), I have avoided sounding off, but I can bite my tongue no longer…

Seriously???  These people are still on national television?  What in the world is wrong with the production crew of TLC , AND even WORSE…CNN?

I was channel-surfing the other night and could not believe my eyes when I saw Jon Gosselin on Larry King Live.  I mean really…do we  not have young men and women dying over in Afghanistan?  Do we not have a major medical debate raging in this country over health care for the under-served populations?  Are children not killing each other and dying on the streets of Chicago?

And what about all the positive things that are happening in our country and this world? Teachers making a difference every day, unsung heroes, moms and dads sticking it out…making marriages work in these most challenging of times… is there nothing of positive significance to report rather than the financial dirty laundry of these two?

And really, if we truly are deeply concerned about the emotional welfare of these sextuplets and twins, would we not turn a blind eye to TLC at whatever time and whatever day this show airs?

So…I’ve said my peace.   Just happened to spend A LOT of time watching television since my little one has been sick.  Did you know that today on Oprah there was a 7-year old schizophrenic?  Well not the 7-year old, but her parents…

But it hasn’t been all television watching.  I have been PRODUCTIVE.  Mary and I made these adorable paper pumpkins that I saw on Keepin the Sunny Side blog.  She even does a cute step-by-step tutorial via pictures!  We are going to use ours as party invitations to our 2nd Annual Fall Friends Get-Together!  I plan to attach little art-stamped tags with the party 411!  These were so easy to make and a fun “lacing” activity for Mary.

What did YOU do today?



  1. Love the pumpkins. Bet you had fun.

  2. Those pumpkins are adorable!!! I'm gonna have to check out that tutorial!!

    I saw your comment on Morgan's blog and I could totally identify with what you wrote...about having children through IVF and feeling like you should be grateful and the perfect mom. I feel like that constantly, having been through IVF myself. In fact, sometimes when I vent to my mom, she'll say, "Well, you're the one who wanted kids so bad". Yes, I wanted children but I'm entitled to have my bad moments too!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello and that I totally get it!

  3. Hello--

    Checked out the pumpkins--may have to try a tesr one before having the
    kids in my class do them.

    Hope you saw my Sunday post.

    See you soon.


  4. I agree about Jon and the ridiculous coverage. His timing is just oh so suspiciously selfish though.

  5. That show needs to be taken off. Seriously, it's not doing the kids any good (IMO). Maybe to earn extra income they could still do specials w/ Kate and kids, Kate could write another book, or something. Having a camera in the house all day every week can't be good on anyone's relationship.

    Cute pumpkins! I like the plaid ribbon a lot! It's a good combo with the pumpkin.

  6. Cute pumpkins. I hope Mary is feeling better. What a good Mommy you are to entertain her while she's home! I have watched Jon and Kate since they came on the air, but have stopped since they separated. Why can't these people just get it together I wonder. I think they should leave TV and put their lives together too, it's such a shame. I feel horrible for the kids that it all has turned into such a zoo.

    Happy Autumn Wishes and get well thoughts to Miss Mary!

  7. Very cute pumpkins!

    Let's see, went for a walk with a friend and then counteracted that by eating too much. Felt guilty.
    Got my boy's hair cut. Ate at Del Taco. Felt guilty. Brought my boy to his middle school bible study. Felt great about that. Walked around the neighborhood chumming for money (fundraising) for 6th grade science camp. Am now completely exhausted, yet blogging... besides that, nothing much :)

    Jon is an immature brat (I am being kind). I do feel bad for Kate...but enough is enough.

    Good night my friend.

  8. Hi Val,

    I love the pumpkins! They are just too cute!!!

    I am with you, I'm tired of hearing about the Goslein drama! Get on with life, we have other stuff going on. They aren't the only couple out there to go through divorce and all the drama.

    About the move, we weren't really looking! But it fell into our laps... After hubs transfered up where he is now, the drive back and forth is just way to much on all of us! We had planned on staying here for awhile longer, but God had other plans. Leaving the country is a lil sad. I mean it's not a big city, and it's pretty small town and country, where we are moving, but it is within city limits. So that will make some differences. I will make the drive twice a week for LIl E to stay in her pre school that we just love! I really think it will all work out so much better for us!

    How's Mary feeling? I hpoe and pray better!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  9. I love the pumpkins.

    So onto the Gosslings, Yes your right. We are still all watching and seeing this train wreck of a situation on television all the time. Yes John the father did go on tv just this week to talk crap about the mother of his children. FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD! Yes the mother is also exploiting the situation and getting paid for it yet atleast pretending to care about her children and how they are affected. And yes those poor children are all going to be so messed up, the relationships they will forge as adults will probably be problematic and all because of there parents. Its sad really. Those kids deserve better.

  10. Love the new blog!!

    Love the pumpkins, I bet little Mary had a great time making them.

    I am also so sick of hearing the Jon and Kate saga. I feel so bad for those kids, being a child of divorce I can say that the kids will suffer for the rest of their lives. There is so much more important news to worry about. Lets move on from the Jon and Kate issue.

  11. Hi Val,
    I am with you on the Jon and Kate thing...sick of seeing magazine covers, etc. and it makes me nauseated. The only tv I watch is Castle and other than that it's PBS, the only thing on that has value this day and age.

    I love your pumpkins, they are so cute! I've been bust making trips to my basement finding all my decorations for fall and bring them to decorate at work and home.
    I just love this time of year!



  12. Why would anybody say it that way, you can easily get your point across in a polite and courteous way. Lets all just get a long.
    wow gold

  13. oh yes I can't bear to watch them.....I loved the first episodes where they were very real but they just seemed to getting so fake, all the endorsements and for me they were getting to much into the free stuff and living the high life rather than being good stay at home parents to their kids. And their faces are so glum and bored in the latest season we are getting her in australia...it's so painful to watch!

    i still watch the duggars and don't think they'll be getting separated anytime soon!

    good on you speaking out about it! found you through the catholic mothers online...you have the cutest children! such cherub little faces!



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