Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lighting a Candle in Remembrance



Today, October 15th, is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  Tonight, at 7:00 PM, I lit a candle in remembrance of the five little souls my husband and I have lost and have watching down on us from Heaven.  Then, I hugged the two beautiful miracles that God has given and charged me with the responsibility of loving, disciplining, parenting. 

Thank you, God, for honoring me with the title of Mother.  I know, You know, how much I truly do appreciate it.



Our first picture as a family of three!

Baby Benjamin Paul Kueter Day 3 to 10 030

Our first picture as a family of four, Thanksgiving Day, 2006.


  1. Oh Valerie, Five?? I'm so sorry. My daughter miscarried a couple of months ago, and it's heartbreaking. God bless, my friend.

  2. Bless you and your family.
    Also bless your five little angels watching over you and your family!


  3. My sweetie! I can't imagine what you feel. Even with my loss, I can't imagine 5! My heart breaks! Big hugs to you!!! You are a wonderful mommy and I'm so thankful for the example you are to many! I know you inspire them to be the best parents too, by reminding them, how special our lil sweeties are!!! What a blessings!!!
    Hugs and Love, My friend!

  4. I cannot even imagine the pain that you have suffered. It must make the joy of your beautiful family even more remarkable.

    Many hugs....

  5. Valerie, I'm so sorry about your losses...I've had 3 losses and I thought that alone would kill me. I could only imagine how hard it must have been to go through it 5 times.

    I lit my 3 candles last night and Cole asked me about them. It was so hard to try and explain it so all I could do was just hug him.

    Praying that all our angel babies are resting peacefully together...

  6. I can't imagine the pain of five. Precious woman, may your heart be at peace today!


  7. The heartbreak that you have been through is unimaginable.

    I am so thankful for Oct 15, it is a lovely opportunity to honor our babies.

    Your words of gratitude to God are incredibly touching.

    Thank you for sharing.



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