Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter's Kiss

Winter has officially arrived in Kansas City.

And by "officially" I mean dumping a huge winter snowstorm on us.  
Virtually every winter storm has missed our metro area bringing us maybe 1-2 inches of snow.
I call those "nuisance" snows!

So, I love when Winter blows us a huge "kiss" and blankets the city in white.  
The kind of kiss that creates a snow day for over 200 school districts in the metro and outlying areas.

The kind of "snow day" that involves Belgian waffles from scratch and hot cocoa with whipped cream…creamy black bean chicken soup in the crock pot and homemade peanut butter cookies.

The kind of snow day that means board games and Easy Bake Oven cooking…dollhouse playing and LEGO playing.

And with just a little luck…

we might even get to enjoy a 2nd snow day tomorrow.
With 8-10 inches predicted…it's possible!

Benjamin…the first one up and dressed and out the door before the snowfall even blanketed the lawn!

Luke is loving the snow.  
Last year he cried.  A lot.  At 2-1/2 he did a lot more falling than playing.
This year…he's LOVING the snow play…even with a runny nose and snowflake eyelashes!

And our girl.
Precious as ever in her earmuffs from Auntie Julie!

If it's snowy in your parts…I hope you're warm and cozy…and enjoying a snow day too!


  1. Loving the snow day! Ken has the day off too.
    Lazy lounging lizards here!

    M :)

  2. I just love the snow pictures. I love the color of the faces and the brightness of the eyes. I am so jealous of all your snow. I might be crazy but we only got a little ice and that shut everything down for way too long. I miss it. Enjoy for me.

  3. Enjoy your snow day, Val!
    They look like they sure are. : )
    I think it is headed our way...

  4. Enjoy your day, Valerie! The kids looks so cute...mine would love to play in it right now. Build a snowman or snow angel for us! (And tell the kiddos hello from us :)

  5. Love all your red-cheeked little ones. Glad you're enjoying it.

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