Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Snowflake" Ballerinas

We are enjoying Snow Day number three here in Kansas City!

We've bundled up a time or two to frolic in the fresh snowfall, but for only a few minutes at a time.

Still, I never tire of seeing rosy cheeks, snowflaked-eyelashes, and sparkling eyes!

(It's been a bit more of a challenge to get the ballerina to bundle up and head outside!)

Speaking of ballerinas…

”You don't have to know about ballet to enjoy it,
all you have to do is look at it.”

- Edwin Denby

I found this adorable "snowflake ballerina" craft over at 

I tucked the idea away…waiting for the perfect "snow day" to print, fold, and snip!

Ours turned out perfectly imperfect which made them all the more precious in my eyes. 

(Mary Catherine has some made cutting skillz when it comes to paper snowflakes!)

I strung them up along a sweet strand of Valentine ribbon from my sewing room and created the "snowflake ballerina garland" to hang in our dining room.

(Don't they look adorable gracing my china hutch?  I love the look of them pirouetting above my new Valentine tea set!

Interested in making your own Snowflake Ballerinas?

Scroll towards the bottom of the link for the ballerina template.

And before I forget…

…a huge Thank You to Patty at Reasons for Chocolate for nominating me for a "Sunshine Award"!

Now to think up 10 random facts about myself that I haven't already shared!
(I'm such an open book!)


  1. Eek! Those ballerinas are adorable! What a darling craft :).


  2. Look like lots of fun, especially the ballerinas.

  3. Those ballerinas are just beautiful, Valerie. Really. I need to show my kids this so they have something to do tomorrow on their free time. Thanks for sharing...(and you are so welcome!!)

  4. The boys are so cute!
    Your ballerinas look so cute.

    M : )

  5. Elizabeth Foss . . . I know you are a homeschooler in hiding. Just kidding. She has wonderful ideas, if I could only keep up with a third of them.

    1. You are funny, Neen-girl! :) Love you!!!

    2. And I know…isn't it odd that all my most very favorite bloggers are homeschoolers… Hmmm. :)

  6. OH, that ballerina craft is adorable!


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