Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Does the Principal Say?

It's a happy 2nd Snow Day for the Kueter Kids!  

The storm has moved out and bright blue skies followed behind.  The beauty of the white landscape is almost blinding!

I thought I would share a cute video produced by one the Olathe Public School District's elementary principals.  

Mr. Reeves and his family created a cute musical announcement sharing that today (Wednesday) was another snow day for the kids.

(Olathe Public Schools is where I taught for nearly 10 years before taking a mini-retirement!)  *smile*
I really was blessed to have been hired by their district!


Clearly, we take our snow days very seriously here…as they are typically far and few between!

Happy Snow Day!!!


  1. That is so fun! What a creative guy and family, seriously! You always make me laugh when I come over here. I passed on an award to you because of the happiness that oozes out from your blog!

  2. Very creative. Laughed when I first saw it on the
    local news. I am sure he is fun to work with.
    Shawnee Mission just calls and states the closure
    and that's it. Need to talk to our principal about this. :)
    Here we are at day 3 of this snow event. Any stir craziness
    yet? I think I am going to have toget out for a bit.


    M :)


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