Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taking Joy in…Friendship (Meeting up with a Fellow Blogger)

It's not often that we get to meet up in person with those we have friended over the Internet.

And if you're my husband…who pretty much thinks all social media is a waste of time…you might even think it strange to want to get together with a "total stranger"…his words.  *smile*

(Side Note:  Chris almost had me convinced that "Patty" was going to be a 55 year-old-man from Skokie, Illinois hoping to meet up with a 14-tween year old!  LOL)  

I knew better!

Patty and I had been planning this little hook-up for several months.  Last Fall, she emailed me to let me  know that she had family relocating to the Kansas City area and that a possible Christmas trip was in the works.  A month or so later, I followed up with Patty…just to make sure that she knew I hadn't forgotten about her family's vacation and that if it worked out, I definitely wanted to meet up.

I was so excited in late December when Patty emailed me to let me know that her family was making the trip to Kansas City and that she wanted to carve out a bit of time for us to get together.

Yes…our families think us odd!  *wink* But those of us in the blogosphere know better!

For those of you that know Patty from Reasons for Chocolate from her on-line presence, just know this…

…she is as genuinely warm, funny, and caring as she is on her blog!

The first thing Patty did was let out a giant squeal and give me a great big bear hug.  We quickly ordered our hot chocolates/mochas…introduced our kiddos to each other…and let the gabbing begin!  (We're both missing a few kiddos from the pic…cousin time and Pinewood Derby building prevented the big boys from meeting.   And I would have LOVED to hug on that sweet Clementine!!!)

Our hour together at Starbucks flew by much too quickly, but already we're plotting and planning a Spring or Summer get-together.

Just as Christ surrounded himself with 12 of his closest friends…we too can find joy in the beauty of friendship…especially those friendships that draw us closer to Him.


  1. What a cherished moment for sure, one I won't forget :) I am so glad that we had been given this opportunity and laugh hysterically about the fact that you hubs thought you needed an pic ready to go in the obituaries. LOL Blogging has been such a blessing to me in many ways, but one is being able to meet "in real life" the amazing friends that I have grown to admire SO much online. Thank you for taking the time, friend! Looking forward to the next!

    1. Yes…giggling up here too! I'm already looking forward to warmer temperatures and another get together!!! Maybe this time with all our kiddos!!! Hugs

  2. This made me soooo happy! The best thing about this wonderful world of Blogging is sharing my life with such amazing women. And to see that you two were able to meet IN PERSON!!!! makes my heart happy. : )

    Someday...someday we will organize a weekend to all meet up. Sigh. Someday...

    P.S. Glad you are back and feeling better my sweet friend. : )

    1. Thank you, Billie Jo! You are one of the dearest…and I've been secretly plotting in my mind how we could do a KS/PA meet up…maybe somewhere in OH???!!! LOL Thanks for the well wishes!!! Hugs

  3. I would love to meet both of you, sigh, one day! So glad you got the chance!!

    1. Colleen…I have a dear high school friend that lives outside of Boston…you're another one I keep trying to figure out how to visit!!!!

  4. It is always fun to meet a fellow blogger!
    I remember the day we met -fun, fun, fun.

    I read yesterday's post-glad you are doing better.

    Stop by, maybe my current post would interest you and those cuties of yours.

    M :)

    1. Will do, dear friend! And you…my very first blogger friend meet up. We're blessed to live in the same city!!!!


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