Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Time Spelling Bee Participant!

It's been a really fun and crazy week at our house.

Last Sunday was the beginning of National Catholic Schools Week.
We started off with Mass followed by the Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfast followed by Mommy (PTO President and Resource Room Teacher) giving tours to prospective families.

Then the fun began…for the kids!  :)

Monday was Blue and Gold Day…the spirit wear colors of St. Paul

But Tuesday was the big day…

It was "Mismatch" day…and the St. Paul Catholic School Spelling Bee.

Miss Mary and another classmate  got to "represent" Third Grade in the all school Spelling Bee.

I know she was so nervous…competing against students from the 3rd through the 8th grade!  

Nerves before the start...

Squealing with delight after picking Number 4 for contestant order...

Posing for Mom...

Waiting to start!  
Have you ever seen such a tiny group of contestants for a 3rd-8th Grade Spelling Bee???!!! Ha!

I was sick with nerves…
…maybe more so than when I was a Spelling Bee contestant myself!

My hope was that she didn't go down in the First Round.  That's just gotta be soul crushing!

And so they did a practice round.

Where errors didn't count.




"I mean…Y"

And my heart sank for her.

You just knew, that she knew, she had mis-heard the word…thinking it was "replied" instead of "reply" and there's no going back once those letters are out of your mouth.

She looked so little…and is…compared to those grown-up 7th and 8th graders!

I was so worried that her confidence would be shaken.  
She looked at me…shrugged her shoulders when they said, "Incorrect"..and took her seat.

And I prayed.

Dear Jesus,

Please, just let her make it through the First Round.
I don't have any other expectations…
…just that she can experience the relief and success of getting a word or two right.


And guess what…

She did great! 

She went for Five Rounds before missing the word 


E-Q-U-A-S-I-O-N?  Equation.


She handled herself with grace and composure when she came to take a seat by me on the bleachers!  Of course, immediately wanting to know what she did wrong.

Regardless of the outcome, I am so proud of my girl!

Way to go Mary Catherine!!!  Your love for reading and writing is evident in your fantastic spelling skills!

Fellow 3rd Grade Classmate, Lauren.

Holding her "participant' certificate!

Group photo for the yearbook!

The whole group…12 kiddos representing the 3rd through 8th grades.

Celebratory ice cream shakes afterwards!


  1. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, Val!
    What an honor!
    She is so sweet, and I love the picture of her with her friend Lauren! : )
    I always enjoyed Catholic Schools Week, but was always glad wen it was over! Exhausting! : )

    1. Yes, Billie Jo! Always so much fun, but a lot work!!! Thanks, as always, for your kind words!!!

  2. I can only imagine how proud you
    are of Mary. She gave it a great try.

    Milkshakes make everything better!

    M : )

    1. Yes, they do! Looking forward to some snowy weather while we make our Valentines for Children's Mercy!!! Hugs!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I was nervous as soon as I read the title!! Under pressure...I forget the words to prayers, can you believe it? Prayers I can recite forward and backward, and inside out. But put me in front of others and I totally go blank. Good for your little Miss! Tell we said congratulations! And I love the mismatch day :) How fun, especially when you wear uniforms every day. As a kiddo, I loved Catholic School Week! Have a super Friday and a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Patty! I will pass on your kind words!!! Have a great weekend…we're supposed to get snow! :)


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