Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Last Christmas/New Year Celebration Mateys!

This past weekend (January 4th and 5th) we packed one last "Christmas Hurrah" into our holiday vacation.

Last year, we took the kids to Colorado for Christmas.  We aren't skiers…but we sure do love the mountains, snowshoeing, and sipping hot cocoa by a roaring fire in the piney-air!   

This year, though, Chris' Fire schedule didn't really allow for a long weekend get-away, so instead we "vacationed" in Kansas City.

Besides loving the mountains, we are also ocean-lovers.   We typically do an annual beach vacation either along the Atlantic Coast or Gulf Coast.  We love anything to do with ocean/nautical life including touring aquariums, light houses, and old battleships.

So…when we discovered that the National Geographic Real Pirates exhibit was at Kansas City's Union Station, we decided to splurge and by tickets for the entire crew! We knew our ocean-loving kiddos would enjoy learning about pirate life.

(Sadly, I forgot the good camera and only had my camera phone.)

Exterior of Kansas City's Union Station

Interior Ceiling Union Station

These next images are from the Real Pirates exhibit…where photography was allowed.  Most of the exhibit was not allowed to be photographed.

We learned so very much about the Captain and Crew of the Pirate Ship, Whydah, which sank off the New England coast in April of 1717. It is the only-known, authentic pirate ship to be discovered in North America.

Digging for Treasure!

After the tour of the exhibit, we walked around Union Station taking in the last of the sights and sounds of Christmas.  I didn't realize how beautifully decorated the inside was for the holiday season.  I think we will return in early December next year.  It looked like they had a fabulous "Visit with Santa" display.  

Quick Flashback…the last time we visited Union Station during the holidays…Mary was 2 and Benjamin was about 3 weeks old!

Anyway, the Christmas decorations were beautiful and I can't wait to go back next year.

We finished up our special Saturday Family Fun Day with dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Located downtown off of Southwest Blvd., we enjoyed authentic salsas, guacamole, enchiladas and tacos at Manny's Restaurant.  Oh…and the daddy might have ordered the deep fried burrito. Yum!  

The pirate play continued!

And that my friends, was how our family chose to wrap up the Christmas Season and ring in the New Year.

One last holiday post to share…my visit with Patty from Reasons for Chocolate…and then I promise top share my Potato Soup recipe as well as a cute children's book and craft activity for some Winter Fun.

And if you'd like to learn more about authentic Pirate life or the doomed Whydah  or to see if this exhibit is coming to a city near you click here!


  1. Val, this is amazing! I had no idea about this at all...how wonderful you all got to enjoy it together at Christmas.
    Your family is so beautiful, my friend!
    Waiting patiently for your next posts!!!!: )!

  2. Ooh, those pictures are so nice. Those Christmas decorations were beautiful. How fun! How great you got to meet up with Patty, too. Can't wait to read all about it.

  3. Don't you just love Union Station? Especially at Christmas.
    We did not make it there this year but had heard from others
    that it was decorated very pretty for the holidays.

    Looks like you guys had a great family day, those are the best!

    M :)

  4. Wow, what a great time! Devin absolutely loves pirate anything. My son, daughter and son in law work for a company down the road from us, in a tiny little workshop, where they have made several items for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, including swords, guns and props. When the tall ships are in Halifax, my guys dress up in full costume and walk along the waterfront, dressed as cabin boys, etc. It Is a lot of fun! Love your photos and so glad you had a wonderful time!

  5. I bet my kids would've loved to seen that exhibit. Very cool! And there is something about kids standing watching animated toys/trains against a Christmas backdrop. I want to be there age again! :)


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