Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saints on Parade

Friday my children got to celebrate "Halloween" at school with an "All Saints Day Party".

 Rewind to All Saints Day 2011…

 …I got the dreaded "St. Paul School" message showing up on my caller ID.

 Uh oh.  That usually means one thing…someone's sick or injured.

Last year, both of my grade-school age kiddos broke out in rash over their entire bodies…including their faces...which looked like they had been slapped.

Yup, textbook case of Fifths Disease.

And by the time we got into the pediatrician and got a note to return to class (child is no longer contagious after rash appears…) it was too late.  My kiddos missed their first "All Saints Day" parties.

There were tears…theirs and mine.

You see, I had spent hours the previous week creating homemade costumes for my little Saint Kateri and Saint Patrick.

As I could not find suitable (read appropriate) pattern costumes for my children, I just Googled images of St. Patrick and St. Kateri Tekakwitha to make my own.

St. Kateri, Also known as Lily of the Mohawks

St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland

Considering I'm a novice seamstress and I had no actual pattern to work from I liked how they turned out.  Ben could have used a miter hat and staff, but I ran out of time…and steam.

Fortunately, these costumes were so big on them last year that (and nobody saw them) that they were able to recycle them for 2012!  *wink*

And just a few classroom shots…

LoVe this "updated" version of St. Kateri!  *smile*

One of my daughter's classmates…I thought her angel wings were gorgeous!

Now it's time... to say goodbye…to all things Halloween…

S-a-i…n-t-ly…Happy All Saints Day!



  1. Glad the kids were able to use their costumes this year!
    I remember last year very well.

    Looks like all had fun.

    M :)

    1. They did have a great time…and there was great weather for them to parade outside the school through the old neighborhood…lots of fun! Even more fun for me…I wasn't Room Mother for anyone this year! LOL

  2. I REMEMBER that post from last year about the fifth's disease! Poor guys. But the costumes sure look super this year. My two faves :: the snake around St. Patrick's neck. Totally cool! And the "grown up" version of St. Kateri. Dressing up for All Sts day is one of my fondest childhood memories :)

    1. I never dressed up for All Saints Day…and I went to Catholic school thru 12th grade! ???!!! So glad my kids get this experience…and that they have years to come…so many awesome saints and Biblical characters to choose from.

  3. Fabulous costumes. I was taken with the snake, too. Great detail.

  4. I think you did a great job. I have friends that let each kid pick a different saint to study every few months and they make a costume for that saint. You learn a lot about the saint while trying to find an outfit to represent them. Anyway they keep them in their pretend clothes. They like their kids to dress up like saints when they are playing dress up. I never had enough time but you are off to a good start.

    1. What a great idea, Neen. The kids are always learning about the saints at school…every classroom has this incredible kit…my school had nothin' like that when I was growing up!…but that might be a really fun thing to do with my own kids at home. That way they could really delve into the life of each saint…their stumblings and their dedications…their crosses to bear…and how they utilized God's grace!

    2. I forgot to tell you…Ben loved his St. Patrick costume so much that last year (kindergarten) he insisted on wearing it to Mass one Sunday. Father Pat, our pastor, loved it so much that he told me to let Ben wear it during Mass (I was going to make him take it off at the start of Mass). In fact, he invited Ben to be up on the altar with him, but my shy boy was having none of that! :)

  5. What great costumes and I bet they had so much fun! Those angel wings are amazing!

    1. Ellie, they were super soft and huge! That kiddo's angel costume was amazing!


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