Sunday, March 18, 2012

Newest Fabric Acquisition

Happy Sunday!

I'm hoping everyone has had a wonderful start to the new week.  We've been blessed with an abundance of sunshine and warm days and I couldn't have asked for a better Spring Break with my three kiddos.  One whole week of lazy days spent reading, baking, sewing, and visiting with friends...both the kids and me.  Definitely looking forward to summer!

Since I really haven't had the opportunity to capture some cute photo shots of the kids, I updated my blog header with a snapshot of my newest fabric acquisition  It's called "terrain" by fabric designer Kate Spain for Moda...and I think it is just divine!

These bright colors caught me eye a couple of weeks ago when I was with my friend Caitlin at our local quilt shop.  I kept eyeing and fingering the fabric and she must have noticed!  Caitlin texted me on Saturday that the quilt shop had one jelly roll left.  I hopped in my car and snatched it right up!  Caitlin is going to begin teaching Alicia (another friend) and me how to quilt.  We are calling it "Girls Nights In...Quilting"!  I'm so excited.  We are going to be creating a "Sampler" quilt which will display the traditional pieced quilt blocks such as Nine Patch, Rail Fence, Log Cabin, Flying Geese, etc.  It will be a great way to learn the "basics" that I think are the key to quilting success.

In "non-sewing" news...we were busy in the yard this weekend.  While we would love to move out to the country on 5 or 10 acres, that is probably not going to happen for some time...just due to the economy.  (Doesn't mean we aren't always looking...or updating the  ;)  So, in the meantime we are working on turning our 1-acre subdivision, suburban lot into our own little personal "homestead"!

A couple of weeks ago, our family went to visit some friends of ours that are also suburbanites, but avid gardeners. They grow quite a bit of their own fruits and vegetables and invited us out to see their planting beds and fruit trees.  We were impressed with their variety and success of fruits and veggies that they have grown over the past several years.  With Caleb's advice (the husband) we purchased three different varieties of apple trees and HE planted them along our backyard fence line!  Mary's over the moon excited (she's our apple eater), but I didn't have the heart to tell her that it will probably be several years before we get fruit!

In addition to the apple trees, a good friend and co-worker of Chris' also came over this weekend and helped us build our fourth planting bed!  We've had mixed success with our raised planting beds with the biggest struggle being access to water. Well, I am pleased to say that the water problem has been fixed, and I now have a spigot off of my porch for easy watering access.  My planting beds are currently sitting empty because we are getting ready to relocate them...but before we do we are leveling that side of the yard.  We've already had the utility company out to mark and now we are just ready to do the digging.

Like I said, we busy as bees this past week with lots of socializing, gardening, and sewing.  Now it's back to the school-week routine.  *sigh* 


  1. Hi Valerie,

    I noticed your gorgeous new header right away! SO pretty! It's very colorful and fun. Sounds like your weekend was wonderful as you spent time outside.

    Happy Feast of St. Joseph!

  2. Yep---back to school we go.
    Hi Ho Hi Ho.



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