Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Love This Girl!

I loved when she was just minutes old...

...I loved her at age three...

...and my heart just keeps getting fuller and fuller with love for this first born of mine!

Here is a letter I found in her bedroom.

Always, my planner...events, crafts, parties.

(I think I know her calling in life!) ;)

"Rough Draft" (In Her Own Words)

Dear Kim C. and Ella,
Im throwing a summer and animal club
its supper fun every day of summer brack and every week we will go somwar
its no biggy if you mis it
I todaly understand
its allmost like school
so in the weekend you dont hafe to bethar your of those days

Mama's translation...

Dear Kim C. and Ella,
I'm throwing a Summer/Animal club.
It's super fun!  Everyday of Summer Break and every week we will go somewhere.
It's no biggie if you miss it.  I totally understand.
It's almost like school.  
So, on the weekend you don't have to be there either of those days.

Don't you just love childhood?!!!


  1. "Bethar your of those" only thing I didn't get! I love reading those letters from the littles, very cute!

  2. She invited Dylan to join her club yesterday! So cute :) She said she's got to think of 6 more places to go. Already on the list: Deanna Rose Farmstead, and the Zoo! hahahaha :)

  3. She is such a hoot, Caitlin. I love eavesdropping on Dylan and her conversations!!!!

    Jamie Jo, I think she meant "be there either of those days", but her pencil couldn't keep up with her brain!

  4. I love that she is making plans on her own and putting them on paper.

    The scripture verse at the top of your blog, Thessalonians, spoke to my heart.

  5. Too cute! I hope you save this for her, it will be so much fun for her when she gets older. Cute picture header, your little ones all have such beautiful skin and I'm sure you love to kiss those sweet pink cheeks!

  6. How cute is that! Sounds like she has her summer planned out.



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