Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blast Off!

This weekend we are traveling to St. Louis to celebrate a couple of very special birthdays!

Earlier this month, my sweet nephew Eli turned four-years old.  We think "the world" of our little congenital heart defect (CHD) survivor, and with each birthday that passes we pause to remember the many blessings that God has poured over this kiddo and our family.

Like many four-year olds, Eli has recently turned his attention to superheros.  So, to show him what a "super" nephew I think he is, I  created him his very own superhero cape.

"It is good to renew one's wonder, said the philosopher.
Space travel has again made children of us all."
~Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

"Launch" by Lesley Grainger Designs for Robert Kaufman

For this reversible superhero cape I used "Launch" by Lesley Grainger Designs for Robert Kaufman that I found at my local quilting shop.  (I told you I've recently become obsessed with fabric...especially designs for children!)  See more of Lesley's work here.  For the inside I lined the cape with "Milky Way" by Mark Hordyszynski for Blank Quilting.  I love how the two fabrics complement each other so well, and I think Eli is really going to love the brightness of the patterns.

This star patterned fabric is called "Milky Way" by Mark Hordyszynski for Blank Quilting.

A superhero cape fit for a true adventurer!

I'm waiting on the tutorial because I've been trying to find an easy-sew solution to securing the cape at the neck.  While for both Benjamin and Eli's capes I used ribbon gathered and secured through a "collar" at the neck, I worry that it is a strangulation hazard.  I just haven't been able to find a Velcro solution that I find attractive so my neighbor has offered to help me create one.

"God has no intention of setting a limit to the efforts of man to conquer space."
~Pope Pius XII

Happy (belated) birthday, Eli!  Auntie Val, Uncle Chris, Mary, Ben & Luke love you so much.  We feel blessed beyond measure to have you in our lives and know that your adventurous spirit and will take you far in life...maybe even out of this world!
Be sure to visit next week when I share with you pictures of our little birthday superhero in action and how we celebrated my mom's upcoming birthday.
Happy Saturday,


  1. That is SO cute! I wish I knew how to sew. My good friend's baby passed away at 3 months old last September while waiting for a new heart. I had just visited them in the hospital the day before and rubbed his sweet head. CHD is now a near and dear thing to us. I'm so happy to hear that your nephew is thriving. What a blessing!

  2. OH, that is the perfect material for a cape!!

    I'm missing seeing your sweet kiddos on top though....

  3. I agree, more kiddos in pictures please!:) I am so glad to hear that your nephew is doing well. The world of CHD is a crazy place but I think those kiddos are so close to God. They are strong and fiesty and no matter what they live life to the fullest. My dear daughter and CHD child, Possilbe still takes on the world whenever she can. I love that! Happy b-day Eli.

  4. What a great Auntie ya are sweetie and they are just blessed outta this world to have you. Super Hero capes...what could be better than that???

    You rock sister!

    God bless ya and have yourself an excellent day sweetie!!!

  5. Great fabric choices! I had to laugh - I made my first kiddo superhero cape two weeks ago for a little boy's birthday party and wouldn't you know I forgot to take any photos of it. It turned out adorable though. I love seeing your sewing projects!


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