Friday, January 6, 2012

When You Dare to Find the Little Things

Early this morning, I read this post.  And it moved me.  In a way, similar, to yesterday's link that I shared. 

Ann Voskamp, author of A Holy Experience
(visit here!) 
can make me long to be a farmer's wife...have six children...and walk closer with Christ.  Her writing is amazing and, apparently, many of you think so, too.  Her book, One Thousand Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are was on the New York Times Bestseller list.  

And she's continuing the quest...her personal journey to find 1000 gifts from God in 2012.  

And she's invited us to participate. 

All it takes is listing three gifts a day...the way sunlight sparkles through your kitchen a snowflake floats gently to the ground...seeing a tulip bulb begin to find a 1000 ways to say thank you to God in one calender year.

Are you longing for more joy in your life?

Are you tired of feeling anxious...worried...stressed?

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective...even if our circumstances can't change...

Will you join me on this dare to find give thanks?

You need not make it public.  It can be a privately kept journal. 

Not sure you can find 1000 gifts in 2012...Ann has a printable journal page with daily prompts.  
Go here.

So here I go...the start of my list of 1000 gifts that I give thanks to God for experiencing...

January 1:  Three things about yourself that you are thankful for...(1)  That I'm quick to smile.  (2)  I can carry on a conversation with anyone...senior citizen...preschooler...special needs adult...  (3)  That I'm an optimistic peacemaker...always looking for a way to compromise so that all parties are happy.

January 2:  A gift outside, inside, on a plate...(4)  58 degree weather in January.  (5)  A home with a 3rd story finished attic so that my boys might share a bedroom. (6)  Paula Deen's Pumpkin (Chocolate) Chip Bread.

January 3:  Three lines you overheard that were graces...(7)  "Valerie, you always make me smile"  (8)  "Your joy is contagious"  (9)  "Mom, I wish I had a thousand dollars to give you to pay our bills."

January 4:  one gift old, new, & blue:  (10)  creamer pitcher and sugar bowl from my great-grandmother; brought to the United States with her from Poland; late 1800s.  (11)  Cuisinart Bread maker.  (12)  Luke Alexander!!!

January 5:  Something you're reading, you're making, you're seeing...(13)  January/February Issues of Southern Lady magazine.  (14)  Ruffled-bottom pants for my daughter; McCall's Easy Pattern M6429  (15)  Pine cone Nutcracker mouse on my desk that my daughter made with her Daisy Scout Troop.

January 6:  One thing in your bag...your fridge...your heart...(16)  Diaper in my purse...proof positive that I triumphed over infertility.  (17)  Bottle of Moscato wine.  (18)  Deep love and admiration for my husband who works 2, sometimes 3, jobs.


  1. I too love Ann V's writing and blog. On my blog, I've been counting the blessings I receive too... I should do it more often! thanks for your wonderful commetn on my post the other day.

  2. All of these are precious gifts!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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